When women have influence on their husbands

When women have influence on their husbands. A wife who guides her husband is like a good nurse who helps her patient back on his feet after an illness. She sets him on his proper course, corrects him when he strays from it, and keeps him from falling.

Wives who have influence on their husbands can make a huge difference in marriage, but this isn’t always easy. When a husband refuses to change his behavior after an embarrassing argument, it’s just about impossible for his wife to get him to listen, making it difficult for a woman to have influence on her husband.

For most of history, women have had little to no influence on their husbands. Whether due to social traditions, laws, or religious dogma, women were denied the opportunity to convey their perspective on important issues and, in some cases, even take part in the decision-making process.

It is no secret that men make the bigger bucks in most households. Women will often feel intimidated by the fact that they do not make as much money as their husband. But do you know that this often gives women a great opportunity to reach out to her man and maybe even lend a helping hand on a project she knows he could benefit from?

In this article, I’ll bring to your awareness some of the surprising discoveries that have been made in recent times by experts who are interested in the role of women in relationships and marriages.


  • When women have influence on their husbands.
  • What is the duty of a woman to her husband?
  • How can I influence my husband?
  • Do women have more power in marriage?
  • When a man is controlled by his wife?
  • A breakdown of the characteristics of a loving wife
  • The way the wife acts can affect her husband’s behavior.
  • The role of women in relationships and marriages
  • Final thought
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When women have influence on their husbands

Women who want to influence their husbands need to adopt a different approach than they do with other men. One of the most effective ways is by asking questions and letting them do the talking.

When women ask questions, they can lead their husbands to better understand what they want and need in a relationship. The truth is, men are much more likely to listen when it’s not coming from a woman. This is because they are more comfortable talking to each other than they are talking to someone else.

The best way to get your husband to open up? Ask him questions about what he wants from his marriage and life in general. He might not know how to answer these questions at first, so let him talk for as long as you can without interrupting him or steering him away from his original thoughts.

Once he starts sharing with you, listen intently without judgment or criticism until he finishes speaking. Then tell him what you heard him say and ask if his words were accurate or if there was anything else he wanted to share with you about what he said. Make sure that your husband knows that it’s okay for him to share whatever he wants with you, even if it makes him uncomfortable at first!

It’s not uncommon for a man to go through life with his wife as his biggest supporter. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, there are women who have no idea how to get their husbands on board with some of their most important plans.

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If you want something from your husband but he isn’t buying in.
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Here are five ways you can influence him:

1. Understand what he values

What does he value more than anything else? If it’s family over work, then remind him that he has a responsibility to spend more time with them instead of spending all day at work. If it’s money over everything else, then show him how it will benefit both of you if he agrees to your plan. If he loves his friends more than anything else, then encourage him to spend less time at work so that he can have time to build deeper relationships with them.

2. Set an example

Be a good role model for your husband by being respectful towards others regardless of whether they deserve it or not; be faithful in all aspects of your life; be honest about everything you do; treat people equally regardless of their gender or race; set the bar high for yourself and don’t be afraid to admit when you fall short of those standards. Your husband will see that he can follow your lead and emulate the qualities that you have if he wants to maintain a good relationship with you.

3. Encourage him

Encourage your husband to do what he enjoys doing so that he feels fulfilled and happy with himself. If he likes working on cars, encourage him to take on more projects around the house so that he doesn’t feel like he has nothing better to do than sit around all day watching TV while you work hard at home and outside.

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4. Encourage him to be a good father

When you encourage your husband to be a good father, he will feel more confident about his parenting abilities and be more willing to take on the responsibilities of raising children without feeling overwhelmed by them. He may even start taking an interest in your child’s education or activities if you ask him questions about them often enough so that he feels like he has a part in their lives too!

5. Be a good wife

When a woman has influence on her husband, she is a good wife. She helps him and guides him when he needs it. She also respects him and his decisions.

What is the duty of a woman to her husband?

When you were first married the spousal duty you had was to help fulfill his duty of providing for your household. You didn’t have to prove yourself or go out and earn a living. He provided for you, and that freed you up to be a help- meet with his family. I’ve often heard it said that a man’s home is his wife’s castle, but in order for that to be true, she needs to fulfill her duty as his help-meet so that she can effectively rule her home. Read more article: love vs like psychology | What You Should Know

Here are 10 duties of a wife to her husband

1. The first duty of a woman to her husband is that she should be faithful to him and love him sincerely.

2. She should not be an eye-sore to her husband by neglecting her appearance, nor should she be a burden to him by making extravagant demands.

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3. She should not pry into his secrets or ask irrelevant questions.

4. She should not nag or find fault with him for petty things; instead she should try to please him with her good conduct and sweet words so that he may love her more and more every day.

5. She should not keep any secrets from him which might prove harmful to him or the family in any way; rather she should always consult with him before taking any decision which might affect the family life in some way or the other.

6. She should not indulge in sinful activities such as drinking, smoking, etc., which are harmful to both body and soul; rather she should try to lead a pure life.

7. She should never speak ill of his family and relatives, or gossip about them.

8. She should never disobey him in matters that are permissible, nor must she allow anyone else to do so in her presence.

9. She must be prepared to make sacrifices and bear hardships along with her husband, if need be.

10. She should love her husband more than anyone else in the world and treat him with respect at all times.

How can I influence my husband?

There are a lot of things you can do to influence your husband. But first, it’s important to understand that trying to change him is not the way to go. Why? Because it’s not who he is or what he wants.

The better option is to get to know him, understand him and love him for who he is. Then, you can encourage him and even help him grow in areas where he needs improvement.

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Here are some suggestions on how you can influence your husband:

1. Communicate with each other regularly

2. Share with each other what brings you joy and what bothers you in your relationship with each other (and others).

3. Practice being positive by recognizing good things about each other and others.

4. Give compliments freely without expecting anything in return (unless it’s a reward for good behavior!) (Remember, men need praise just as much as women do!)

5. Be kind, gentle, and loving towards one another no matter what happens during the day or week!

6. Pray for your husband daily.

7. Do not criticize or complain about your husband to anyone.

8. Respect and honor him as the head of the family.

9. Be supportive of his decisions.
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Do women have more power in marriage?

The answer to this question is complicated. While it is true that women have more power in marriage than men, it is not true that they can do whatever they want. In fact, marital power is a two-sided coin. It has both positive and negative sides, which need to be balanced out.

On one hand, women have far more freedom than they used to have in relation to their husbands. They can go out without needing a male escort or even stay at home without being bothered by their partners. They can wear what they like and do what they want without having to ask permission from their husbands first.

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In addition, women no longer need to rely on their husbands for financial support as much as before because of the rise of equal pay laws and other laws protecting women’s rights like domestic violence legislation (see below). Therefore, there are fewer restrictions on what women can do with their lives than there were in the past when they were mostly dependent on their husbands for survival.

But on the other hand, this means that women now have more responsibility because they must take care of themselves and their families financially as well as physically if anything happens to them or if any member becomes ill or disabled.

The power and influence of women in marriage is a hotly contested topic, but the evidence suggests that women have less influence over the decisions made by their husbands than they think they do. This is not to say that women don’t exert any influence or that they are powerless.

On the contrary, there are many ways in which women can have an impact on their husbands’ lives. But it’s important to recognize what kind of influence you have and whether it’s enough to make a positive difference in your marriage.

The fact is that men hold most of the cards in marriage, and they know it. Men believe they make all of the decisions in relationships, while women think they have an equal say. In reality, however, men make more than 90 percent of all decisions about where to live, how much money should be spent on housework, and how often couples should have sex.

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And women are fine with that: In one study conducted at UC Berkeley, researchers found that when given the choice between having more influence over their husbands’ lives or having more power over their own lives, most women chose the latter (though a few did want more say over their own affairs).

When a man is controlled by his wife?

Marriage is meant to be a union between two individuals, not one individual and another individual. This is the reason why there are so many divorces these days. There are many factors that could affect a marriage, but one of the main factors is control.

When you are controlled by someone else, it means that you have lost your independence and control over your own life. Men should not allow themselves to be controlled by their wives in any way.

Here is how you can tell if you are being controlled by your wife:

You feel like she is always right no matter what she says. If this is the case, then you might have an issue with being controlled by your wife because if there was ever a time when she was wrong, she would never admit it and instead try to convince everyone around her that she was right! This shows that there is no equality in your relationship, which means that she has complete control over everything and nothing will ever change unless she allows it to.

You feel like you can never do anything right no matter what it is, even if it isn’t related at all! If this happens, then chances are your wife has an issue with controlling everything around her. So, how can we find out whether husbands are being controlled by their wives or not?


Here are some indicators:

1. He listens to everything she says without questioning anything.

2. He makes excuses for everything she does, even if they don’t make sense.

3. You can tell him to do something, but he won’t do it until he gets her permission first.

4. He does not take any initiative on his own unless he gets her approval first.

5. If something goes wrong, he takes full responsibility for it and doesn’t blame anyone else.

6. He never raises his voice or yells at anybody, especially at her or the children.

7. He never disagrees with her in public or in front of family members and friends.

8. When she says something that is not true, he will not correct her because he doesn’t want to embarrass her in front of others who may be listening.

A breakdown of the characteristics of a loving wife

A loving wife is a blessing to her husband. She’s not just a wife, but a friend and companion. She’s always ready to listen and to offer advice when needed.

A true wife loves her husband unconditionally, even when he is rude or disrespectful towards her. A loving wife does not retaliate with anger or violence but with kindness and patience. She understands that her husband can be irritable because of his stressful job or other pressures in life, so she tries to help him relax by offering some peace and quiet time together.

A wife’s love for her husband may not be expressed in words, but it is manifested in actions such as preparing meals for him, washing his clothes and helping him with household chores. In addition to showing love through words and deeds, a good wife must also demonstrate love through her physical appearance by wearing nice clothes or dressing up nicely whenever they go out together as a couple so that she can make him feel proud of having such an attractive wife on his arm at all times! Read more: 5-things-women-find-attractive-in-men/

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12 Qualities of a Loving Wife

1. She is supportive.

Your wife will always be behind you, no matter what you decide to do with your life. She will support you in times of hardship and celebrate with you in times of joy. She will offer advice when asked and be there to talk when needed.

2. She loves your family and friends as her own.

A loving wife treats your family and friends like they are her own loved ones, without judgment or jealousy. She doesn’t feel threatened by their presence and is gracious when they visit or stay at your home.

3. She respects your boundaries and privacy.

A loving wife knows that she doesn’t have access to everything in your life and respects that boundary by not asking about it or prying into it unless invited or given permission by her husband first (and even then only if it’s truly necessary).

She also respects the privacy of others who may be around her husband, such as his co-workers, bosses, or business associates, by not gossiping about them behind their backs just because she might not like them for whatever reason (even if those reasons aren’t legitimate). If something does come up that she needs to know about, she’ll ask you about it.

4. She puts your needs before hers

A loving wife understands that there are times when you need attention and affection from her more than she does from you. She also understands that sometimes you may need space from her so that you can do things alone without her nagging at you constantly or trying to drag you into something else with her.

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5. She doesn’t manipulate or control you

A loving wife doesn’t try to control or manipulate a man’s emotions by using guilt trips or other tactics so that he’ll do what she wants him to do instead of what he really wants to do; this includes pressuring him into making decisions he doesn’t want to make and trying to change his mind when he makes up his mind.

6. She acknowledges the importance of your dreams and goals.

A loving wife encourages her husband in his dreams and goals and doesn’t belittle them or act as if they’re not important. She understands that pursuing one’s dreams can be hard work, but that if you love what you’re doing, it makes things easier.

A loving wife also knows that everyone needs encouragement from time to time; this is especially true for men who often struggle with their self-esteem because society tends to favor women over men (see “women first”).

7. She is polite

A loving wife treats everyone with respect and courtesy, including strangers, family members, friends, co-workers, etc., regardless of gender or position in life. This means that she doesn’t talk down on people just because they’re different than her. She is kind to everyone she encounters and shows a genuine interest in their lives.

8. She cares about your well-being.

A loving wife cares about you as a person and wants the best for you. She will always be there for you when you need her most and will provide encouragement when things get tough. She will also offer advice when asked for it, but only if she feels that it’s necessary and appropriate. A loving wife knows that everyone has different needs at different times in their lives, so she won’t try to force her opinions onto others unless they ask for them first!

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9. She is honest with you

A loving wife is honest with her husband in all aspects of their relationship, including the good and bad. This means that she will tell him if he looks nice or smells good even if he doesn’t want to hear it! It also means that she will tell him if something bothers her or makes her angry rather than letting it fester inside until it becomes too much for one or both of them to handle on their own. A loving wife tells the truth in a kind way because she wants what’s best for both herself and her husband!

10. She respects your decisions.

A loving wife respects her husband’s decisions even if they are different from hers because she knows how hard he worked to reach a decision. She does not question his judgment or undermine him in front of others.

11. She encourages you to be the best man you can be.

A loving wife wants her husband to succeed in all aspects of life, including work and family. She encourages him by pointing out his strengths and helping him overcome weaknesses. She also believes in herself as a woman and sees value in what she brings to the relationship, which allows her to believe that her husband can do great things as well.

12. She is a good listener.

A loving wife listens when her husband needs someone to talk to because sometimes talking out loud can help solve problems better than just thinking about them internally. Read more article: Why love marriages are better than arranged | A Sincere Guide

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The way the wife acts can affect her husband’s behavior.

The way the wife acts can affect her husband’s behavior. If she is disrespectful, he will be too. If she is unloving, he will be too. If she is lazy and uninvolved, he may do the same. But if she is loving and giving, then he will want to be that way as well. The attitude of a wife toward her husband has a huge impact on his behavior toward her and their marriage.

The primary responsibility of a woman is to be a loving and faithful helpmate to her husband, and she is not to usurp his headship. She does this by submitting to him, following his leadership, and encouraging him in his role as provider and protector.

The way the wife acts can affect her husband’s behavior. The husband is the spiritual leader of the home, and his wife is to submit to him. When she resists him, he will be tempted to give up on her and to take matters into his own hands.

If a woman does not obey her husband and follow his leadership in all things, this makes it easier for him to start doing things on his own. He may begin to think that he does not need her input or approval. If she is not submissive and loving, he may start believing that he doesn’t need her love either.

When a wife refuses to submit to her husband, she often causes him to become stubborn and hard-hearted toward her. This can lead him down a path of disobedience and sin that will eventually destroy their marriage.

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The way the wife acts can affect her husband’s behavior.

In a positive way: the wife should be encouraging and supportive of her husband, which will make him feel good about himself and want to do things that please her.

In a negative way: if she is critical or harsh, it will make him want to avoid doing anything that would upset her further.

There are many things that you can do to improve your marriage. One of the most important things is to change yourself. If you want a happy marriage, then be happy! The way that you act and feel can have a profound effect on your husband’s behavior.

Here are some ways that you can improve your relationship with him:

1. Be more positive.

2. Let go of the past.

3. Be more affectionate with him.

4. Do nice things for him (not just his birthday and anniversaries).

5. Get rid of any anger or resentment toward him (this includes past relationships as well).

The role of women in relationships and marriages

The role of women in relationships and marriages has been debated for centuries. While some people believe that women should play a submissive role in the home, others believe that women should be treated equally to men.

In reality, there is no right or wrong way to approach the issue of gender roles in a relationship. Each couple will have their own ideas about what works best for them. There are many factors that affect the dynamics of a relationship, such as religion and culture.

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The role of women in relationships and marriages has changed significantly over time. In fact, even within the last century there have been significant changes in how wives are expected to behave with their husbands.

In the past, wives were expected to do most of the household chores while also taking care of their children and keeping everything tidy and clean at all times. It was also considered normal for husbands to expect their wives to obey them without question or protest at all times. Read more: does-the-relationship-change-after-marriage/

These days however, things have changed dramatically! Wives now tend to share equal responsibility for managing the home with their husbands and taking care for their children too! This means that both partners need to put in equal effort if they want their marriage or relationship to succeed!

Final thought

Does the leader of a family and his family prosper? Do they prosper when she is not intelligent and understanding or when she is stupid and foolish? No! When a woman has influence on her husband and can keep him cheerful, brave, industrious, and inspired to do his part well to care for the children and give them attention they need, then all will be prosperous.

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