How to tell when a guy thinks you’re hot and attractive

How to tell when a guy thinks you’re hot and attractive. It goes without saying that being the apple of your partner’s eye is crucial.

But how are you expected to know if your guy genuinely thinks you’re hot and will stick with you if he meets someone who meets society’s so-called recognized standards of the ideal alluring woman?

The media has instilled in us all the belief that the perfect woman is a size-zero, six-foot-tall stick figure. Don’t be concerned about what the media says. What do they really know about the actual world? It all comes down to the man himself.

Signals that your partner thinks you’re attractive and absolutely appealing!

No matter how deep your curves and edges run, there are men of substance out there who will find you sexy and desirable.

You should believe your partner when he says you’re gorgeous. It’s also important to remember that being hot and attractive is about more than just looks.

If you need some assurance that your partner still considers you attractive, here are 24 clear indicators that he thinks you’re hot and seductive.

How to tell when a guy thinks you’re hot and attractive:

1. He expresses his feelings to you

One surefire technique to detect if your partner thinks you’re hot and seductive is to pay attention to the occasions when he says so.

There’s no reason not to trust him when he claims you’re irresistible to him. You should know him well enough by now to tell if he’s serious or simply playing games with you.

If your partner always tells you how he feels about you, you’re probably sexy and burning hot to him, and he’s falling harder for you!

2. He pays you compliments

Another method to tell whether he thinks you’re sexy and hot is if he compliments you. Your partner should know by now that you enjoy being complimented on your beauty.

Do not concentrate solely on his praises on your appearance. Enjoy it when he compliments you on how witty and intelligent you are.

These are genuine compliments, and for many women, they are far more valuable than nice comments about their appearance.

3. He admires you

If your man proudly displays you, he believes you are absolutely divine. Trying to outdo his buddies is a clear sign that he doesn’t believe you’re all that.

When he shows you off, there’s little doubt that he believes you’re better than all the other women in the area, even his buddies’ girlfriends. You know your partner truly cares when he puts you on a pedestal.

4. He enjoys touching you

Body touch is a dead giveaway that your guy likes you. He finds you incredibly beautiful, whether it’s laying his hand on the small of your back, draping his arm over your shoulders in a possessive manner, holding your hand, or kissing your neck!

A man would never refuse to touch a woman who makes him hot under the collar. Men are straightforward in this regard. They have to have something close to them if they enjoy it, and you are no exception.

5. He puts on a show for you

You know a man finds you hot and sexy when he takes an effort to look good for you. He understands that he must match your appearance, or at the very least attempt to match it.

He cares about you and wants to satisfy you by shaving, trimming his bush, spritzing on cologne, combing his hair, and putting on a clean shirt for date night.

6. He starts sexual activity

Nothing proves his desire for you like his want to do you again and over again. If he constantly initiates sex, there’s a solid likelihood he can’t get enough of your seductiveness.

Unless he’s asexual, you shouldn’t be concerned because this is one of the most telling signals your partner thinks you’re attractive.

7. He has a passionate side

When a man demonstrates his love for you by putting on the charm, you can bet he wants to keep you in his life.

You may blame it on him being at ease with you, or you can dismiss it as him being sweet, but we all know the real reason is that he is terrified of losing his attractive companion.

Men will go to great lengths for the woman they love, so you should be grateful if he tries to be romantic.

8. He catches you off guard

When a man goes out of his way to surprise you, he is clearly concerned about you.

If he goes out of his way to make you smile, whether it’s by cooking you a feast or surprising you with a hot stone massage, there’s no doubt that he wants to keep your hot and sexy ass around.

9. He is kind to you

Making a woman happy will ensure her presence. If he can’t stop himself from doing simple things for you, he probably finds you irresistible. He’s probably afraid of being taunted and told he’ll lose you if he doesn’t make you pleased.

Nothing makes a man more nervous than the prospect of his sultry lady love walking out because he isn’t doing enough to please her. Enjoy the benefits without taking advantage of them.

10. He is unable to remain away

He can’t seem to get enough of you when he wants to spend every waking minute with you. He doesn’t see you the same way he used to when he disappears for days on end, stops returning your calls, or asks for something as ridiculous as an open relationship.

Enjoy the fact that your partner wants to spend time with you since you are clearly attractive. Simple Ways to Have a Happy Marriage

11. He is a warm person

You have to drag a man’s sweetness out of him most of the time. So if your lover lavishes you with attention and affection, you’re definitely gorgeous and seductive to him.

Men enjoy confirming what you already know, but they will do so because he adores you. So, if he’s usually affectionate and clearly trying to please you, that’s one of the signals that he thinks you’re attractive.

12. He gets you attractive clothing

When your sweetheart gets you attractive lingerie, you’ll know he values your body. He won’t want to see someone he doesn’t like prancing about in a crotchless thong.

So be grateful if he surprises you with something enticing to entice him in. Play the part and revel in the fact that he adores staring at you.

13. You see he’s looking at you

When you’re in the same room with him, his gaze will never wander. That’s one of the most obvious ways to tell how attractive you are to him.

14. He brags about you on social media

He wouldn’t want to shout it from the mountain peaks to the world if he wasn’t proud of how hot you were. So, we’re simply talking about social media here, but the concept is the same.

It’s almost as if he’s claiming his territory by posting a lot of images of you alone and the two of you together because he thinks you’re hot. Also

15. In bed, he complements you

One of the telltale signals that your partner thinks you’re hot is when he says things like “I love your boobs” or “You’re so wonderful at giving head.”

He’ll tell you about all the body parts he adores and how wonderful of a lover you are. That’s because he’s so engrossed in his feelings that they just flow out.

16. When you’re with other men, he pulls you in closer

While he is loving in general, you notice that when other guys are present, he squeezes your hand harder and wraps his arms around you more.

It’s as if he’s signaling others to back off because you’re his lady. Why would he do that if he doesn’t think you’re attractive?

17. He doesn’t look around at the other women

When they are with their girlfriend or wife, many men are guilty of ogling other women.

If he merely looks at you, however, you know he’s a captivated kitten. Some guys have a natural instinct to look at ladies all the time. So it’s a positive sign if he’s not doing that.

18. He sends you sexts

It’s because sex is on his mind – with you – if he sends you a lot of steamy texts and/or photographs of his body parts. And if you can’t get off his thoughts, you’re obviously very attractive to him. Consider how he feels at work when all he can think about is you!

19. He wants to have a lot of sex

Sure, all men enjoy sex. However, some of them aren’t completely smitten with their partners. In truth, many men are uninterested in sex.

So, what else do you need to know if he can’t get his hands off of you and wants to have sex all the time? This is one of the most telling signals that your guy finds you attractive. Words are less effective than actions.

20. He notices other men scrutinizing you

When he notices other men looking at you, he may seem jealous because he feels threatened.

He’s well aware of your attractiveness, and he’s well aware that other men are as well. As a result, he may point it up anytime it occurs to reassure you that he is interested in you.

21. He is always smiling

A person’s smile reveals everything about them. When someone is unhappy, they do not smile.

So, if you notice him grinning from ear to ear when you’re around, it’s because he’s probably thinking dirty, nasty thoughts about you and your body.

22. He scrutinizes your bodily parts

Maybe you’re just relaxing on the couch or in a restaurant when you see his gaze drawn to your boobs or even lower. He’s thinking about those body parts and how much he wants to touch them if he’s staring.

23. He detects your scent

People are attracted to the scent of others because we all release pheromones that attract others. That is why they are included in cologne and perfume.

If he enjoys smelling you, it’s because he can’t get enough of the sex pheromones you emit.

Finally, don’t stress too much over spotting signals that your partner thinks you’re attractive. Each man has his unique method of expressing how hot you are in his eyes. So you know he’s a keeper if you’re feeling the love!

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