Obsession vs love psychology | What you should know

Obsession vs love psychology. This article explores the concept of the ‘obsessive lover’ and some of the similarities between obsessive behavior and love.

Obsession can be defined as a state of extreme preoccupation with another person. It is often associated with intense, possessive feelings of desire for that person, as well as erratic and irrational behavior. It’s confusing when you think you’re falling in love, but then you begin to obsess about the object of your affection with an unusual amount of neediness. Is it love or is it obsession?

Obsession is something that everyone has experienced whether we admit it or not. We are a product of our environment and experience, so it’s no surprise to anyone that they have considered what they might do if they couldn’t stop thinking about someone.

If you have ever been in love then you know about obsession. Obsession is the feeling which makes you feel like doing something over and over again.


  • How to know when you are obsessed or truly in love
  • Do you know the difference between obsession and love?
  • Can people confuse love with obsession?
  • Signs You’re Moving Toward Obsession
  • How do you break an obsession with someone?
  • How To Separate Obsession From Love
  • Conclusion

Obsession vs love psychology

Obsession and love are two different feelings. They can have some similarities but at the same time they differ from each other in some aspects. Obsession is a psychological state where a person is obsessed with an emotion, thought or idea. Obsessions can be positive or negative. Positive obsessions include ideas about financial success, beauty, etc.

Negative obsessions are often fear-based and include thoughts about germs and dirt, disease and illness, emotional trauma or any kind of shame that makes you feel inadequate in some way.

These negative thoughts can cause great distress and anxiety for the sufferer who may have a compulsion to repeat certain actions such as washing hands, checking locks and doors, counting objects or engaging in compulsive behaviors like hoarding or picking scabs.

Obsessions are usually repetitive behaviors that occur over and over again without any control by the person experiencing them.

Love is a deep feeling of affection in which we have strong attraction toward someone else (romantic love) or toward something else (platonic love). Read more article: Ideal signs of a healthy relationship.

Love is a deep feeling of affection in which we have strong attraction towards someone else (romantic love) or toward something else (platonic love). Love has three main components: intimacy, passion and commitment.

Intimacy means being open with your partner about your feelings; passion is the excitement you feel when around that special person; commitment is the decision to maintain the relationship despite challenges and difficulties.

The definition of love is as complex as it may seem simple. It is a complex emotion because it has many different aspects. However, in psychology, there are four different types of love: eros, ludus, storge and agape.

Each type of love has its own characteristics and meaning but all types are associated with positive emotions like joy, happiness and peace.

How to know when you are obsessed or truly in love

There is a difference between being obsessed with someone and loving them. Obsession is a feeling of being unable to live without that person. When you are in love, you care about the other person’s needs but are able to live without them if necessary.

Obsession makes you feel that you need to be with that person all the time, even if they don’t want to be with you or if they don’t want anything serious with you. Obsession can also cause you to do things like lie or steal in order to get what you want from the person. You may even become violent towards them or others because of your obsession.

Love is when both people care about each other equally and want to spend time together doing things they both enjoy. They will show each other affection and respect each other’s feelings as well as their own needs and desires in life.

Do you know the difference between obsession and love?

Obsession vs love: What’s the difference?

Obsession is not a healthy sign. It is when you feel that someone else owns your soul and you can’t live without them. If you are obsessed with someone, it means that you are obsessed with their looks, personality, virtues and vices etc. You cannot stop thinking about them even if they have treated you badly at some point in time. You want to see them or talk to them every day, even if they don’t share your feelings.

Love is different from obsession. Love is when you truly care for someone else in a positive way without any ulterior motive. It is when two people are happy together and share a deep bond between each other, even after going through many ups and downs in life together.

Can people confuse love with obsession?

Yes, it is possible to confuse love with obsession.

When someone is obsessed with another person, they may do things that are not only unhealthy but also illegal. For example, stalkers are often obsessed with the people they follow, and they can become violent when they feel threatened.

Obsessive behavior can also include stalking or harassment through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder have an intense need for perfection in their relationships and personal lives. They often have difficulty allowing others to help them or have difficulty trusting others to do things correctly.

Obsessive behavior can be a symptom of a mental health condition such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder.

It can also be caused by brain injury or brain tumors in some cases; however, it’s not always clear what causes obsessive behavior in any given individual case because there are many possible causes of this type of behavior.

Signs You’re Moving Toward Obsession

When you’re obsessed with someone, your life revolves around them. You may find yourself thinking about them all the time and feeling jealous or hurt if they don’t pay attention to you.

Here are some signs that suggest you’re moving toward obsession:

You’re constantly thinking about the person. You can’t stop thinking about them, and your thoughts are often negative.

You feel empty without them. When you think about this person, there’s a sense of emptiness inside. You feel incomplete without them in your life, no matter how much time goes by.

You have trouble controlling your thoughts about them. Your thoughts are uncontrollable and unwanted; they seem to take over your mind without any effort on your part.

You have trouble focusing on other things because of this relationship. You have trouble concentrating on anything else since you’re so focused on this one person. Read more article:Things to never ever say to a lady

How do you break an obsession with someone?

The first step is to stop obsessing. The main reason why people get stuck in obsessions is that they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. They feel sad, they feel depressed, they feel lonely, and they don’t know how to deal with it.

The best way to deal with these emotions is to talk about them with somebody who cares about you and will listen attentively without judging you.

The next step is to start working on yourself instead of focusing on the other person. Working on yourself means developing your skills and talents, learning new things and becoming a better person overall. It also means having more self-confidence, because confidence comes in handy when dealing with difficult situations such as breakups or break downs in relationships.

The third step is to avoid negative thinking patterns such as “If only I could…” or “I wish she would…” Don’t waste time wishing things were different or regretting what happened in the past; instead focus on what’s going on right now and work hard towards making your future better than it was before!

How To Separate Obsession From Love

Obsession is a sign of love, but it’s not the only one. We often confuse obsession with love, and that can be extremely dangerous. If you find yourself becoming obsessed with someone, there are some simple ways to tell if you’re really in love or if your feelings are simply a product of obsession.

1. Obsession is all-consuming

Obsession takes over your life and causes you to focus exclusively on the object of your affection. You may find yourself thinking about him all day long and even dreaming about him at night. Your thoughts center on what he said or did during your previous interaction together, whether it was hours or minutes ago. You become consumed by him and everything he does becomes the most important thing in the world to you. Read more article: signs-you-may-be-falling-out-of-love-in-marria/

2. Obsession makes you feel crazy

You may find yourself getting jealous when other people talk with him or engage in activities with him that don’t include you. You might become angry at him for doing things without you or for spending time with friends who aren’t as important as you think they should be even if it was just for fun! When someone else shows interest in him (even if it’s just a smile or a friendly greeting) you might feel the need to fight for his attention, even if he doesn’t reciprocate. This can lead to some serious drama, so try and keep your head on straight!

3. Obsession makes it hard to focus on other things

Being ‘obsessed’ with someone means that all of your thoughts are about them and how much you love them (and how much they love you). But it also means that everything else is pushed aside in favor of thinking about him. If he texts and asks what time he should come over, your response will be something like “as soon as possible!!! I miss you soooo much!!!” rather than “I have no idea, let me check my calendar…” And when he arrives, you won’t be able to concentrate because all you can think about is how badly you want to kiss him.

This one is pretty obvious, obsession is not healthy for anyone involved. It will most likely lead to arguments about who gets more time with each other, jealousy over every other person in their lives and being unable to see any other perspective but their own. In short: You aren’t going to be happy if this continues down the same path. Read more articles: the-powerful-difference-between-i-love-you


Obsession is an unhealthy or irrational preoccupation with another object or abstract idea, to the point at which it becomes detrimental to one’s well-being. The obsessor is unable to think about anything else and will often be willing to risk their life for what they are fixated on. Obsession can be found in individuals or in the form of a social phenomenon; for example, fanaticism.

Most people believe that the occasional obsession is a harmless form of infatuation. But when does it become problematic? When does it become obsessive? In order to answer this question, we need to first understand the psychology behind obsession and love. And from there, we can better understand dating and relationships in general.

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