Make your Ex lover Jealous and crave your return

Make your ex lover jealous and crave your return. Jealousy has tremendous power. It’s natural to want to know how to make your ex jealous when it comes to love. You want them to have an emotional reaction!

It’s natural to want to make your ex jealous, no matter how your relationship ended. When things don’t go as planned with love, it’s natural to want to leave them with a reminder of how wonderful you are.

Jealousy has tremendous power. If you want to figure out how to make your ex jealous, the good news is that it’s really simple.

It can lead you to take action when you don’t want to, and it can make you wonder “why did I do that?” later.

Of course, you might want your ex back, and in that case, making them jealous is a great way to show them what a good catch you were.

If not, perhaps you simply want to remind them of how awesome you are. Jealousy is a good way to achieve both in either case.

What is jealousy and how does it function?

Jealousy is a powerful feeling. Envy is not the same as jealousy, despite the similarities in appearance. When learning how to make your ex jealous, you’ll want to elicit a strong reaction from them when they see you with someone else or when you look wonderful.

They essentially wish they were still with you, even if they won’t acknowledge it.

Everyone desires what they are unable to obtain. People have a habit of realizing what they have when it is no longer theirs.

If your ex discovers that you’ve been snatched by someone else or that you’re truly terrific and it’s all their fault, they’ll see you in a whole new light.

When they can no longer have you, they begin to see your best traits. They’ll begin to pine for those things. They’ll want you back once they discover that someone else now gets to enjoy all of those good things.

Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you want them back; perhaps you simply want to smack them in the face and show them what they’ve been missing out on.

How to make your ex envious of you and beg you to return

Jealousy will be your buddy if you really want to get back at your ex or just get them back in general. Making them envious will ensure that they pay attention to you. However, there are specific things you must do in order for them to desire your return.

Here’s all you need to know about making your ex envious. . This will almost certainly have a negative impact.

Make your Ex lover Jealous

1. Let them see you having a good time

When someone else appears to be having more fun than they are, it can make anyone jealous. It will surprise your ex when they see that you are not affected or bothered by their departure.

They’ll start to feel envious that they aren’t a part of your wonderful existence. When they see you having a good time, they’ll wish they were still there to join in.

2. Spend time with someone else

This is your go-to guide for how to make your ex jealous. You get a new person. Show off someone who is more attractive than them. Bring them near your ex and observe how they react.

They’ll be irritated that you moved on so soon, and they’ll be envious that you’re with someone who appears to be better than them.

The only thing you must be cautious about is overdoing it with this new individual in front of them. Of course, this does not imply that you should make your ex jealous by using another person.

If you want to do this, make sure this new person is well-informed and on board with the strategy – there’s never a good reason to harm others. Read more article: How to Get Over Rejection: How to Recover Quickly

3. Dismiss them

Ignore your ex totally if you truly want to drive them insane. If they’re right in front of you, we’re not talking about ignoring them.

If they text, call, or otherwise contact you, ignore them at first. Before you respond again, make sure they’re nice and jealous.

They’ll be green with envy as they wonder what’s keeping you so busy that you’re not responding right away!

4. Treat them and their friends with respect

This is going to drive them insane. They expected you to be heartbroken when they went.

So if you re-enter their lives with smiles, love, and kindness, they’ll realize what they’ve been missing out on. They’ll notice you’re doing better without them, which will drive them insane!

5. Compliment other people in front of them

Someone you know, in particular, would make them envious. Basically, with the praises, go for their pals.

They’ll be enraged not only because you’re not talking to them, but also because you’re complementing someone so near to them. It’s one of the most effective techniques to make your ex envious!

6. Ignore everything they send you or post

Don’t interact with them on any social media network. They’re probably taking pictures with new people or having a good time. That’s exactly what individuals do when they break up with someone.

You must not be affected by this. Keep your cool and ignore what they post. Better yet, just stop following them. You won’t be seduced that way.

Remember, they’re probably attempting to make you jealous at the same time, so if you ignore them, they’ll think you’re insane.

7. Frequently update your social media stories

This is an excellent technique to arouse envy and make them realize what they’re losing out on. Take a picture of yourself having fun or heading out for ice cream on your own and post it to your narrative.

This is an excellent method to demonstrate what they gave up. Always remember to only share the good stuff. They’ll be envious that they’re missing out on all the fun, and they’ll notice that you’re doing fine on your own.

8. Check to see if you’re envious of yourself

This is significant. They won’t be jealous if you act like a jealous jerk. In fact, they’ll be relieved to be free of your company. Remember, you’re attempting to figure out how to make your ex jealous rather of being jealous yourself.

Keep your calm even if you see them out with someone new. When people see how tolerant and even nice you can be when something like that happens, it will make them envious because they have never encountered such a wonderful quality before. Also read:

9. Give them a seductive gaze now and then

This needs to be subtle. They won’t know if that’s what you’re doing because it’ll be so subtle. Make them think about you again in a personal way.

It only takes a fraction of a second to attract their attention — just long enough for it to register on their face. Then, as you turn away, smirk as if you know something.

Jealousy will drive them insane. The key is to execute it in such a way that you can deny it if called upon; that way, you’ll have succeeded!

10. Consider their worst insecurity and poke it a little

Not in a negative way, but in a way that you know will get through to them. If they’re self-conscious about their sense of humor, tell them about someone else who’s amusing – and make sure they hear you.

This will make them extremely envious that you believe someone else is funnier than them.

It can be anything, but don’t get too personal, and remember, you’re not trying to hurt them; you’re simply trying to make them envious. There is a distinction!

11. Look fantastic

This should go without saying, but it must be stated. You must give someone a reason to be jealous if you want them to be. They’ll undoubtedly notice if you look better than you did while you were together.

So treat yourself. Take the time to pick a fantastic clothing and present yourself in the best light possible. Just make sure you don’t appear to be trying too hard.

Keep things lighthearted and make sure you’re smiling more than ever. They’ll be perplexed as to why you’re so pleased now and why you weren’t smiling like that when they were around.

12. Do everything you said you were going to do together, but with someone else

If you truly want to impress them, make sure they are aware of it and can see it. Take a vacation to the places you’ve always wanted to go as a couple.

Make them regret giving you up by demonstrating that the breakup will not prevent you from living your best life.

13. Go on a trip with your pals and post about it on social media

We’ve discussed social media before, but this one goes much further. Take a weekend trip with your buddies and make it as wild as possible on social media. It doesn’t have to be true; it just has to appear that way!

Make suggestive jokes and have people say stuff in the background to make your ex believe you’re having a good time. It’s a terrific technique to figure out how to make your ex envious because they’ll notice that you’ve moved on.

14. Demonstrate that you’re meeting new people

When someone makes new friends, it signifies that their social circle is expanding. This also implies that they might encounter a new love interest through those individuals.

Showing your ex that you’ve made new acquaintances via social media, of course will make them nervous and curious about what you’re up to.

15. Text them and inquire if they were in a bar

This one is quite clever! “Hey, was it you that I saw in name bar last night?” text them. Of course, you didn’t see them because you were simply playing a game, but the idea is that you’re telling them you were at a pub. You’re out having a good time and meeting new people; who knows what you’ve been up to!

16. Demonstrate that you’re busy in the evenings

Avoid uploading or showing online throughout the evenings. Make sure you only do it throughout the day or early in the morning with nightly catch-ups. Also, don’t respond to or read your ex’s texts late at night.

Why is that? They’ll wonder why you’re so busy in the evening. It’s a fantastic approach to figure out how to make your ex envious! Simple Ways to Have a Happy Marriage

17. Spend time with the individual who has always made them jealous

If your ex was constantly envious of a certain person in your life, such as a buddy who they always thought had more to it, indicate that you’re spending more time with them. That will make them nervous, and they will wonder if they were correct all along.

A word of caution: Consider your motivation.

The methods above will undoubtedly assist you in learning how to make your ex jealous, but make sure you ask yourself why you’re doing it.

On the ethics scale, several of the recommendations are dubious and manipulative. Are you really so disturbed by sending an SMS that isn’t supposed to be for them even though it is? Is it really necessary to make them so envious at the expense of so much time and effort?

Consider whether the initial reason for your breakup can be overcome. If it can’t, why are you attempting to contact them, if you are?

You haven’t forgotten why you’re not together. It’s a different story if you can work through the challenges in your relationship. But surely having a genuine, open talk is preferable to playing jealousy games?

Because envy is such a strong feeling, it has a tendency to backfire. It’s acceptable if you only want to show your ex what they’re missing out on and have no intention of getting back together.

However, aren’t there other things you could be doing with your free time?

You can put yourself in a powerful position if you know how to make your ex jealous. If you really want them back, this might be the best way to go, as long as you do it responsibly.

But keep in mind that this isn’t the best method to exact retribution or reconcile.

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