13 signs: How to tell if someone really likes you

13 signs: How to tell if someone really likes you. We are frequently drawn to people of the opposite sex and are unable to tell if they are attracted to us as well. This can lead to awkwardness, and one wrong act can completely derail a relationship’s potential.

We’ve all had the experience of thinking we’ve found someone wonderful and want to move forward with them, but not knowing how they feel about us. This sensation might be nerve-wracking and can jeopardize our happiness.

How to tell if someone likes you in return

If you’ve already gone on a first date with them or are meeting them for the first time, you’ll want to get a sense of how they feel about you. Of course, you may not fall in love straight away, but if they like you and you like them, that’s a good start.

You shouldn’t make assumptions; the only way to know if someone likes you is if they tell you straight. There are, however, a multitude of cues that can indicate how someone thinks about you.

Look for these behavioral and physical indicators of attraction.

How to tell if someone really likes you

1. Attentiveness

Attentiveness can be a sign of attraction because it shows they’re focused on everything you’re saying and attempting to develop a connection with you, whether they notice all the minor details or recollect the big and small things you share with them.

They might send you a meaningful text because they know you appreciate it, or they might surprise you with gifts you mentioned in passing.

2. You’re amusing.

You suddenly feel like the funniest person in the planet once this person is present. They laugh at all of your jokes, whether they’re humorous or not.

Even the tiniest hint of humour from you is enough to have them burst out laughing. This is due to the satisfaction and comfort they have when they are around you.

3. They’ll strive to spend as much time with you as possible.

If they like you, they’ll come up with any excuse to hang out with you. They simply want to spend time with you, whether there is a new movie coming out or it is bright outside.

And we all know that people don’t waste their time on those they don’t care about.

4. Continual communication

Take it as a good sign if someone goes out of their way to start or extend conversations in person, over the phone, or over text. You naturally want to speak with the folks you like.

Not only does this indicate that they are attracted to you, but it also implies that they desire to develop a deeper relationship with you.

They want you to get to know them and to discover more about them as well, in the hopes that the attraction will be mutual. Also Read: oscarlovecycle.com

5. Maintaining eye contact

People dislike making prolonged eye contact with people they dislike. They don’t look them in the eyes and blink frequently to avoid staring at them for too long.

When they’re talking to someone they like, though, they make frequent eye contact and don’t blink too often.

6. They enjoy interrogating you.

We desire to learn more about someone we like. That is why we ask so many questions. It’s an indication that this person is interested in you if they ask you more intimate questions.

They wouldn’t care about your family or interests if they didn’t like you.

7. They lean in close to you.

Someone who isn’t interested in you will not try to enter your personal space or show they like you. Rather, they increase the distance between you and them.

If they dig you, however, they’ll lean in close and confront you, closing the gap. This is a strong indication that they’re interested in you.

8. They’re always in your vicinity.

They always appear to be close by. They can be found anywhere, whether at work or at school. This was something I used to do all the time.

I wanted to be near my crush and for him to see me. They want to be near you, which is why they’re usually standing right next to you.

9. Skin that is flushed and blushed.

People flush when they are furious or humiliated, therefore the context is important here. However, this automatic emotional response could indicate that someone is interested in you.

Blushing is a natural reaction that occurs when you are sexually interested about another person.

10. You can sense it.

My intuition is everything to me. Most people disregard their gut instincts, but you should never disregard what your body is attempting to tell you.

You’re probably right if something inside of you says, “This individual likes me.” At the same time, if your body is telling you that this person is weird, you are correct. Don’t try to hide your emotions.

11. Tonal voice variations.

People sometimes modify their voice in conversation as a sign of implicit desire to indicate you they like someone. In response to sexual attraction, men may deepen their voice to appear more powerful, whilst women may raise their voice.

A person’s voice tone alters, whether subconsciously or consciously, in order to stand out from the throng and attract your eye—or, in this case, your ear.

That will be easier if they can differentiate their voice from the rest of the crowd. Consider the attraction mutual if you notice you both do this with each other.
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12. They are constantly attempting to touch you.

Not in a creepy way, mind you. Sure, someone may like you, but it’s still harassment if they have their hands all over you.

This isn’t the kind of touching I’m talking about. They’ll find a way to touch you tenderly when you’re cracking a joke or playing a game together. Perhaps they’ll brush up against your arm or back.

13. Nonverbal communication

You’ll notice that the person listens intently to everything you say. He or she walks alongside you, making regular eye contact and smiling at you.

However, you will notice that they stammer in front of you from time to time owing to nerves. When you’re both together, they don’t use their phones much. They’ll make up ridiculous excuses to see you nearly every day.


Knowing whether or not someone loves you takes time because not everyone is willing to reveal you the indications sooner. So it’s up to you to figure it out, and it’s critical that you do so with patience.

The irony is that many couples who end up together and live happily ever after got off to a bad start. But, as fate would have it, it turns out to be the most perfect partnership ever.

So it largely depends on the actions you take.

There’s no infallible method to tell if someone likes you without asking, but there are several physical and behavioral indicators that can help you figure out if there’s an underlying attraction.

However, don’t read too much into everything your crush does, as some behaviors may reflect their nature.

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