How to Surprise Your Boyfriend in The Bedroom

How to surprise your boyfriend in the bedroom. If you want to know how to surprise your partner in bed, you must first understand what to do. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your lover, sex can become monotonous after a while.

Why would you want to swap positions that you both know will get the job done? However, sticking to the same pattern can become boring. Nobody wants it to happen, which is why you want to surprise your lover in bed with some sex movements.

It entails being inventive and putting in some effort. You expected the chemistry to speak for itself and persist indefinitely. You are correct to some extent.

However, work to maintain it alive at the same time.
Many people believe that you can have the same sex every day until you’re old.

Someone gets bored, no matter how much they love you. This is why you and your partner should work on your sexual relationship. Experiment and try new things.

Sure, things may not always go as planned, but sex should never be a chore. It should be enjoyable—and possibly naughty.

How to surprise your guy in bed with the best sex moves

Of course, you adore your partner and want to do something special for them. This is a pleasant surprise. It’s the only one where he won’t say, “You know how much I despise surprises.”

It’s always nice to surprise him with his favorite meal or a new vinyl record, but this one will make both of you happy.

So, the next time you’re with your partner, we’re going to show you some sex movements. These moves will work whether he’s having a horrible day at work or it’s his birthday. Everyone enjoys a good surprise.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend in The Bedroom

1. Start slowly

You may have had sex at a faster speed in the past, but now it’s time to slow down. Your sex will become more intense and sensual simply by slowing down the pace. Quickies are entertaining, but they should be varied from time to time.

2. Take a dessert to bed with you

Bring a dessert to bed if you’re seeking for sex techniques to surprise your boyfriend and don’t mind making the bed a little filthy.

Let him suck chocolate syrup off your navel or put whipped cream on your breasts and vagina. It’s hot, sticky, and seductive. This isn’t something you do every day, but it’s incredible when you do.

3. Do some role-playing

His greatest desire may be to have sex with a nurse or a teacher. Who says you have to be a registered nurse to put on a uniform?

Pick up a few of beautiful clothes at the costume store. When he returns home, dress him up as a teacher and tell him he’s been a terrible boy.

4. Add a mirror to your bedroom

The majority of individuals do not have a large mirror in their bedroom, but why not? It can be incredibly enticing to have sex in front of a mirror, and it will give your guy a better view of you. Mirrors allow him to see what his eyes can’t normally see.

5. Allow him to observe your masturbation

Many of us are apprehensive about having our spouses witness our masturbation, yet it’s hot! You can make it even more intense by refusing to let him touch you or himself. All he has to do now is sit there and take it while you moan in joy.

6. If you’re a submissive, try something new

Switch up the power dynamics in bed if you’re normally the submissive one. Tell him what to do instead of allowing him to control the sex.

You are not need to become a complete dominating woman. “Sit down. Come. Please touch me here. Lay down.” Those few lines will suffice.

7. Switch locations

When it comes to sex techniques to surprise your guy, sometimes all you have to do is vary up the location.

Have sex in the woods, in the car, on the balcony, or in a club’s bathroom. Changing the setting adds a dash of risk and spice to the proceedings.

8. Show him some affection for his balls

They’re always the ones who are overlooked, yet they, too, require love. If you normally ignore his balls, surprise him by paying attention to them.

During a blow job, gently play with his balls in your palm or lick/suck on them. It feels fantastic when done correctly.

9. Anal game

Some men dislike anal play, however this is usually due to the stigma attached to it. Men, on the other hand, can enjoy anal play because it is where the male G-spot is located.

Of course, you must first obtain his permission. After that, relax the area by circling it with your tongue or fingers. After that, insert your fingers, tongue, or toy inside his anus. Read more article: What make man happy in a relationship?

10. Lie down on his face

That’s correct. Place your face on his. The man would usually practically go down on the lady during oral sex.

Climb on top of him and sit on his face instead. Your pussy will hover on top of his face, making it simpler for him as well. This will undoubtedly catch your lover off guard in bed.

11. Apply the condom

If you’re like most women, you give your spouse the condom and they take care of the rest. It’s not a bad move, but it’s not really exciting.

Put it on with your mouth instead. To get the hang of it, you might want to practice with a banana or a sex toy first. He’ll adore it once you’ve done it.

12. Tell him your favorite things

How frequently do you tell him what you want done to you? Probably not very frequently. We usually wait for the guy to figure out our preferences. However, some guys want to be instructed what to do. And now is your opportunity to do so. Also Read:

13. Take a shower

If you don’t have a large shower, skip this one or risk being hurt. However, if you have a walk-in shower, take advantage of it! Start the shower in the morning and welcome him in while he’s still awake.

A little sex in the shower in the morning never hurt anyone. And it’ll get the day started right!

14. Experiment with minor bondage

You don’t have to be shackled to your bedposts, but a scarf can do the trick. This allows you to experiment with power dynamics in bed while allowing him to take command.

15. You make the decision

Why do so many women wait for their boyfriend to act? If you’re usually waiting for him to take the initiative, surprise him by taking the initiative yourself.

There’s no need to smother yourself with chocolate or put on new underwear. Simply take the initiative yourself.

16. Tie yourself up

Now, I’m not suggesting that you enter into excessive bondage. Light bondage, on the other hand, is highly erotic and a terrific method to take authority away from the person who is bound.

Handcuff or tie your or your partner’s wrists to the bed. Whoever isn’t tied down can do whatever they want with their partner. Of course, obtain their permission to do what you’re doing.

17. Watch a raunchy movie together

Not everyone enjoys porn, but many do, and many of them do so with their partners. When people see others having sex, they become aroused.

It’s also a terrific method to gather suggestions for things you and your partner should do. You can watch porn together while having sex or touching each other. Read more article: Ways to make love to a woman and leave her moaning

18. Play with sex toys

You might think that sex toys are only used when you’re alone, but they can be a lot of fun while someone is watching and using them on you.

Surprise your lover with a sex toy that they can use on you or that you can use on them (with their permission, of course).

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