How to stay out of the friend zone and build sexual bond

How to stay out of the friend zone. Being friends with a girl you like is a hard situation to find yourself in, and you want to know how to stay out of it.

You may be working hard to become close to a girl, close enough to tell her you like her, but one day she turns around and tells you how great of a friend you are, or worse, that you’re like a brother to her.

Some nightmares do come true, and friend zone is the most recent example. It’s the worst situation a man can find himself in. We despise how easily some girls deceive guys into thinking they’re interested when they aren’t.

You’re undoubtedly in the friend zone if you’re questioning yourself, “Am I in the friend zone?” It’s aggravating and humiliating, yet it’s unavoidable at times.

You may become close to a girl in the hopes of getting into her pants, but you may have taken a few diversions along the way that lead you straight into the friend zone. While getting out of this rut is famously difficult, it is feasible to start dating the female you really want.

How does a guy and a female define a friend zone?

A girl’s happy area is the friend zone. It’s a location where she and a guy may sit together and speak about anything while becoming quite friendly. A friend zone is the absolute worst place for a guy to be, especially if he likes the girl who acts like a friend.

In a friend zone, the two involved friends of different sexe are just that: friends. They don’t show any sexual attraction in each other and act purely platonically.

Is it possible for a guy to be friends with a girl he finds sexually appealing? Obviously not. He can try to be a friend in the hopes of getting a cuddle or a nice boob-pressing hug now and then, but he’ll always be a friend while she dates everyone else.

Reasons why males end up in the friend zone

For obvious reasons, a man enters the buddy zone. He acts in a friendly manner. And he never lets on that he has more than pleasant goals in mind for the girl. However, you now want to know how to stay out of the friend zone.

And before long, the female has lost all awareness that this guy has a package down there. And he just becomes another sexless item she sees as a platonic buddy all the time.

So, why do some guys become friends rather than boyfriends or sex partners? This is why.

1. They approach too closely

On platonic grounds, becoming too close to a female would never assist you. You could think it’s the simplest approach to get a girl to get to know you better. She will surely learn more about you, but only as a friend.

2. There is no sexual chemistry

If a guy likes a girl, he must make it clear that he is interested in her sexually. No lady will experience even a tingle of sexual chemistry if a guy acts like a pushover and a doormat.

3. The female is uninterested in the guy

This is unfortunate, yet that is the most usual occurrence. He’s either creepy, obnoxious, or simply not good enough to be her partner.

4. He believes she is too good for him

A guy may assume that the female he adores is far too good for him at times. Instead of hitting on her, he secretly desires her but abandons his pursuit. Could you ever be OK with being the friend of a sultry girl who dates everyone but you? Read more article: Ways to make love to a woman and leave her moaning

5. He uses the card of the true friend

It works all the time in movies. The girl has a best friend who is there for her at all times. She dates every single guy in the world before discovering her true love in the shape of her closest friend at the end of the film.

How to stay out of the friend zone.

It’s quite simple to stay out of the friend zone. You only need to drop a few hints now and again to let her know you’re interested in her. Use these simple strategies to get your message across while also making her want you.

1. Be a friend without acting in the same way as her other friends

Don’t talk nonsensically for hours or spend time discussing her difficulties. Discuss her favorite places to visit, movies she’s seen, and weekend plans. Conversation date talk with a female if you want to avoid the friend zone. She’ll sense the chemistry in the air.

2. Speak to her when she is alone

If her other friends are around, you can either chat to her or avoid her. When a girl is surrounded by her friends, it’s difficult to hit on her.

When you locate her alone, however, make sure to turn on the charm and impress her. See her by herself? Talk to her. If one of her buddies comes by, make a fake grumble and say something along the lines of “just when I thought I was going to get some alone time with you, this guy pops up out of nowhere!” and chuckle. She’ll be perplexed, unsure whether you’re serious or joking.

However, she’ll notice that you enjoy spending time with her alone. Make it clear that you like spending time with her in whatever manner you can, but don’t ask her out or tell her you like her yet.

3. Give her compliments when she merits them

Make her pants fall down. Tell her she looks hot if she looks excellent. If she catches you glancing at a hint of cleavage, just chuckle, apologize, and tell her you couldn’t help yourself. You’ll never get into the friend zone if you throw in a few sexual jokes. Also Read: Oscarlovecycle

4. Hug her and treat her as if she were your girlfriend

But do so in a courteous manner. When you’re alone, grab her hand while crossing the street and open doors for her. Make her feel special, and she’ll appreciate the attention.

When her friends are there, though, don’t treat her any differently. Allow her to recognize that you are special to her just when the two of you are alone.

5. Make her feel unique and special

Give her a little, personal present, but tell her to keep it a secret. You can develop sexual chemistry and tension by keeping secrets, which leads to romance. This is an excellent strategy to stay out of the buddy zone.

6. Invite her out and change the subject

Invite her out for lunch or coffee after you’ve talked with her for a time. Watch how she reacts. Change the subject in a split second. You should not wait for her to respond.

It’ll appear to be a joke, but it’ll make her worry if you’re serious about dating her. Wait a few moments before saying something more to avoid making things awkward. Keep it simple, have fun, and express all the nasty thoughts in your head before changing the subject.

7. When you go out, pay for it

When two people are just friends, they usually cover their own expenses when they go out and do things together.

When you’re dating or in a relationship, however, it’s usual for the male to foot the bill. So, if you want to escape the friend zone with a female, try paying for her when you’re out; perhaps she’ll see you in a more romantic light as a result.

8. Be self-sufficient

Nothing is more unattractive than a desperate man. Girls don’t want a guy who is overly dependent on her and wants to spend all of his time with her. She wants you to have a life apart from her. So, don’t suffocate her, and make sure you’re busy with other things.

9. Have self-assurance

Self-assurance is really appealing to females. Even if a guy isn’t objectively attractive, if he acts like it, it is a major plus for women. So, speak to her as if she is actually fortunate to be spending time with you. Just don’t do it arrogantly.

10. Look good and smell well

Let’s face it, slobs don’t appeal to females. So, if you dress nicely and apply cologne, you’ll definitely get her attention. Cologne contains pheromones, which are attractive to females. Make sure you’re clean and smelling well.

11. Be unpredictably surprising

If you’re attempting to avoid the buddy zone, this is a hard one, but it works. Unpredictability is disliked by some girls because it makes you appear flaky. Other girls, particularly those who adore nasty boys, seem to like it.

Don’t be so dependable. You can sometimes cancel plans with her and keep her waiting for a text or something else. After all, you’re just her pal, and you’re not required to make plans with her alone until she becomes your girlfriend!

12. Make her feel special

If you see something you believe she would enjoy in a store, buy it for her. If she claims she’s hungry while you’re texting, deliver a pizza to her house. Make her smile by doing charming, unexpected things.

13. Be enigmatic

She might find you uninteresting if you’re an open book. So, if you want to appear mysterious, interesting, and escape the friend zone, you don’t have to tell her anything about your life.

If she asks what you’re doing on a Friday night, simply claim you “have plans” and move on. Trying to figure out what those plans are will drive her insane.

14. Don’t be envious of others

Sure, you’re undoubtedly envious of all the other guys she’s chatting to, if not dating. But you don’t want to tell her how you really feel.

While some girls find it adorable, others find it irritating. And you don’t want to come across as overly enthusiastic about your feelings for her.

15. Be confident

Wimpy people are disliked by women. They prefer a man who enjoys taking responsibility of his life. If you’re in a restaurant, you should be the first to approach the hostess and introduce yourself.

You should be the one to schedule things for you to do with a female if you want to avoid the friend zone and appear appealing. Take the initiative. That appeals to many females.

16. Make an effort to win

You might be wondering how you can be difficult to get when you aren’t even dating her. Pretend you don’t like her all that much.

You can even go through the motions of “blowing hot and cold.” This will make her question why you aren’t putting yourself out there more with her. Act as if you aren’t particularly interested in her.

17. Don’t be overly accessible

Sure, you want to text, phone, or hang out with her whenever possible. But you don’t want her to know, especially if you want to stay out of the friend zone and make her miss you!

It’s ugly if you always respond to her texts and have no plans outside of your connection with her. She’ll either believe you don’t have a life or that you’re always willing to make time for her.

18. Discuss other females

And when we talk about other girls, we’re referring to their attractiveness. She may become envious if you mention other girls. Even if she believed you liked her, she’ll be curious whether you’ve changed your mind. That will make her reconsider her feelings for you, which is a good thing.

19. Avoid being a doormat

You want to make a girl happy when you like her. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t take it too far. You don’t want to be her slave, bringing her coffee every morning or rescuing her whenever she needs help.

20. Go out with other women

You should date other girls, which may seem paradoxical in terms of avoiding a girl’s friend zone. The weird thing about girls is that when they find out that another girl is interested in you, you suddenly become much more appealing to her.

It’s almost as though you’re using reverse psychology. So, try to locate other girls to hang out with and see how quickly she chases you down!

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