How To Make A Girl Jealous And Miss You Like Crazy

How to make a girl jealous. If a female is jealous, it suggests she wants more from you than she has right now. To put it another way, a jealous girl desires a larger and more exclusive “ownership” of you than she now has. Men can be envious as well, though their displays may differ from those of women.

Anyone who enjoys being in charge or dominating others is bound to be envious. When control or dominance appears to be slipping from their grasp, they cannot help but feel jealous. In a relationship, girls are like that.

They often feel entitled to him alone after giving their hearts to a man and don’t want him to “look elsewhere.” Most girls grow envious because they like a guy and fear that if they don’t strive harder to keep his attention, they may lose him. As a result, we might argue that jealousy is a clear indicator of love.

Girls adore being noticed

The reason you can make a female jealous and crave you so strongly is that she craves attention, especially exclusive attention. Finding out that another female is competing for her boyfriend’s attention isn’t always good news.

So, as a male, you may turn into a treasure in the eyes of a girl if you know how to manage this one need of hers. Without you, she’ll feel envious and unfulfilled. Be mindful that you must first reveal what you are made of before you can make her envious.

To put it another way, if she doesn’t see anything remarkable in you to be envious of, your strategy may fail. The foundation rule for most of the items that will be described here as a strategy to make her jealous and need you more is to show her a lot of love and attention first, then withdraw.

As is customary, when you recede, she begins chasing you. She’s had a taste of something she doesn’t want to lose, and she’ll do everything she can to keep your attention. When you’re dealing with a difficult-to-get women or trying to make your ex-girlfriend want you back, this strategy may be important.

If you can make her envious in either of these two situations, she’ll feel like she’s missing out on something she needs to go back for.

Making your lover envious appears to be cruel and unjust

Jealousy, in the correct proportion, can work as a catalyst for a relationship to take off. It can encourage your partner to attempt new things and rekindle their charm. It’s also entertaining when your girlfriend discovers your excellent intentions to make her jealous.

Knowing that your passion and desire for her attention were the driving forces behind your decision to make her jealous in the first place, she will undoubtedly feel very cherished.

You should proceed with caution if you want to discover how to make a female envious

All of this, however, comes with a warning. When attempting to make someone jealous, you never know how the situation will end out. Jealousy is a difficult emotion to forecast. It can either draw someone’s attention to you and provide the desired result, or it can draw them away from you.

If you try to make a female jealous, she may conclude that you are unworthy of her time, and the whole thing may backfire. That’s why you should get to know the female well before attempting this dangerous strategy. Using jealousy to your advantage can be really beneficial. Simply tread carefully and do not overextend yourself.

How To Make A Girl Jealous

Making a girl envious is difficult because she will just go if she discovers what you’re doing. As a result, you’ll have to be subtle and do it in such a way that she won’t notice.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to make a female envious. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on making her work for you. She’ll be all over you in no time if you follow these recommendations.

1. Compliment the females in her immediate vicinity

Being left out makes a girl extremely envious. If there are any other girls in the vicinity, pay them little compliments. But nothing out of the ordinary.

Simply compliment them on their clothing, hair, or shoes. If you want to drive a female insane with envy, call another girl “very cool” in front of her!

2. When you’re with her, talk to other ladies

When you’re on a date with your girlfriend, we don’t mean you should start an hour-long chat with another lady. However, there are a few subtle methods to make your mate envious. Text or phone a female buddy, for example. If you don’t pay attention to what your girlfriend is saying or doing, she can give you a poker face.

3. Alternate blowing hot and cold

This method for making a female envious is quite effective. If you pay attention to her and then neglect her, she will fight harder for your attention. She’ll receive a taste of what you have to offer and become addicted to it.

So, when you’re with her, pay great attention to her and complement her when appropriate, but ignore her when necessary. It’ll drive her insane, and she’ll be desperate to reclaim your attention.

4. Act as if she isn’t your number 1 priority

It’s absolutely natural if you’re busy when your girlfriend calls or has arrangements with friends when she wants to meet you. She is unconcerned about having her own social life. However, if this pattern continues and going out with your pals becomes your main priority, she may become envious.

5. Laugh at something spoken by another girl

The truth is, we all want to be hilarious as girls. Because it’s rare, we all want to be the one to make a guy chuckle. As a result, if you laugh a lot at anything another girl says, she will be envious.

6. Be excessively kind to other ladies

It’s all well and good to be a gentleman until you go out of your way for another female. Performing gentlemanly acts such as picking up and dropping off a female coworker or assisting a female neighbor with daily chores may cause your girlfriend to become suspicious. If this isn’t your usual personality, you’ll detect jealousy in your partner.

7. While she’s observing, get innocently physical with another girl

This isn’t an excuse to hit her or make out with another woman. This just implies touching another girl on the arm, lower back, or even bumping into her shoulder.

Adding these simple details will make a girl envious. It’s because you’re making her feel special. And, because all girls desire that unique feeling, she’ll be envious if she doesn’t get it. Read more article: 16 tried and true ways to make your crush fall in love with you

8. Demonstrate to her that you are content without her

Everyone requires some alone time from time to time. If you show your girlfriend that you are happy without her, she will be envious in no time.

Express how much you appreciate hanging out with your friends, spending time with your family, or working long hours with coworkers. She will be envious because she wants to be the person who makes you happy.

9. Make a compliment about another female

You are not required to wax lyrical about another female or discuss anything serious. She’ll be envious of you as long as you’re talking about how fun or cool another female is. She’ll try to show you that she’s also hip and fun, which can be beneficial to you.

10. Ignore her when in a group conversation

If you’re standing with other people, ignore her. Everyone should talk to each other. Laugh at their jokes but don’t recognize her when she speaks. If she addresses you personally, don’t be impolite, but don’t engage in conversation with her in the group.

11. Have a female companion

Men and women could have Platonic relationships anyplace. However, if you have a close female friend in whom you can confide and who is your go-to person, your girlfriend may become envious.

However, you must exercise caution in this circumstance because if you do not keep a sense of balance, things may spiral out of control. You can play pranks on her to make her jealous, but you must confess it before things get out of hand.

12. Laugh at the texts you get when you’re with her

It will make her jealous if you are looking at your phone and giggling at something she isn’t aware of. Girls, once again, want to be in charge of making you happy. We want to be the ones to bring a smile to your face. So if we aren’t doing it and someone else is, we become envious.

13. Ignore or overlook her

No female wants her guy to overlook or ignore her. You might make her jealous by refusing her calls or ignoring her texts. At the same time, she would be envious if she saw you actively posting on social media or out with other pals.

Do it in a relaxed manner and avoid going to extremes that may cause her pain. Remember, you want her to be envious rather than hostile.

14. Describe how much pleasure you had doing something without her

This does not have to be with other females. Start bragging about how terrific it was when you were out with the guys. A girl who likes you wants to be the one who makes you laugh. So if you’re having a good time without her, she’ll be really jealous.

15. Make a remark about women’s attractiveness

Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s entirely natural to observe attractive persons of the opposite sex as long as you don’t act on it. You can make your girlfriend envious by remarking on someone’s beauty. Compliments like “she looks good in that dress” or “she’s lost weight” can make her envious.

16. Spend more time with friends

We often tell our buddies things we wouldn’t tell our partners. When you have a close or old friend, this happens. Competitive jealousy does not have to arise from sharing your deepest secrets, concerns, and desires with others.

However, if you demonstrate to her that your friend is more dependable and that you trust her more, she may become jealous.

17. Use social media to share images with other girls

This works best if the photos you share are from a location where that girl was present. However, only upload images of you with other girls; do not post pictures of you with her. This will make her quite envious. It’ll drive her insane when she’s not being “shown off.”

18. Evaluate her against other women

In a relationship, comparing partners to others is not acceptable. You can, however, do it in a lighthearted manner. You can say your friend’s girlfriend is punctual if she is late for something or forgets something.

If she accomplishes anything, you can joke that someone else could have done it better. Such things will irritate her and make her even more envious.

19. Ignore her texts and phone calls in favor of interacting with another female on social media

Ignoring her texts and calls while actively chatting with other girls online is a terrific technique to make a girl jealous.

She’ll freak out if you tag her in a photo on social media or even publish something with her profile. She’ll want to be a part of the joke, which will make her envious. Also Read: Oscarlovecycle

20. Show your affection in a variety of ways

You can alter your relationship with your girlfriend and make her think about it. For example, one day you may be loving and doting and the next day you may be passive and uninterested.

When you don’t give her the attention and love she deserves, she could question what’s changed and whether she’s doing something wrong. If there is no immediate response, she will be envious, believing that your emotional needs are met by someone else.

What not to do if you want to make a girl envious

While there are many fantastic methods to make a girl jealous, there are a few things you should avoid doing at all costs. If you want to make a female jealous, avoid doing the following things since they will only make her upset.

1. Never kiss another female in front of her or ever

This just communicates to a female that you are interested in someone else. Making her jealous isn’t for that reason. If she notices you doing this, she’ll simply leave and move on.

2. Do not entirely abandon her

You won’t make her jealous if you just shut her out. This gives her the impression that you are uninterested in her. You should be intrigued if you’re trying to make her jealous. As a result, she’ll accept that you don’t want her in your life and will stop pursuing you.

3. Do not abandon her

Insults do not make a woman envious. They’ll simply make her angrier and more hurt. Those two things will not win her heart. Instead, they’ll force her to dismiss you as a jerk and go on to the next guy.

Final thought

Making a female jealous is undoubtedly a game, but if you play correctly, you should achieve the results you desire. If not, you most likely went a little too far.

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