How to be submissive to your husband

How to be submissive to your husband. Being married is great, but it takes a lot of work. Sometimes submission is the answer. Today we’re going to take a look at how you can be more submissive to your husband.

It may not be a preference you could easily opt for, but I would say that it’s what each wife would really want deep in her heart. This has almost always been a question asked by women when they’re married or lived with their husbands within the first year of marriage, followed by confusion and doubt as to how to be submissive to their husbands.

Being a submissive wife doesn’t come easy to everybody. Not everybody grew up in the same house, had parents that were happily married, or maybe you are not really sure what submissive means. The fact of the matter is that being a submissive wife is not an easy task to master; it is a process that requires you to learn and develop yourself.

Having a submissive wife is a man’s wildest dream. Being submissive does not make you weak or inferior. Being submissive demands a high level of wisdom because it’s about choosing your battles wisely and knowing when to walk away from the fray.

This means being able to remain silent, but not in the, “I’m going to bottle this up until I blow up,” kind of way. Instead, being submissive is about having the self-discipline to reserve speaking and act according to what God would have you do. In other words, there will be times when you feel like blowing up over something, but it’s just not worth it.

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Despite that, there are women’s rights activists who fight for equal treatment to the male and female gender, but not everyone sees the world from this point of view. Even people who understand that equality should exist in relationships cannot agree with a woman being more dominant than her husband.

There are many controversies that are arising about being a submissive wife in the 21st century. In the past being a submissive wife was a virtue and was considered good manners. As of today, some believe it’s abusive and degrading to women who practice submission within marriage.

This is a very helpful article for wives who want to know how to be submissive to their husbands. Let me tell you, although the article has been written for wives, it will equally help husbands understand how to be submissive to their wives. Read more: Are-long-distance-relationships-worth-it/


  • How to be submissive to your husband
  • What does it mean to be submissive to your husband?
  • When a woman submits to a man?
  • What does submission look like in a marriage?
  • What comes first love or submission?
  • What do men look for in a wife?
  • What can I do to make my husband happy?
  • Conclusion

How to be submissive to your husband

If you want to be submissive to your husband, then you need to understand that it involves both service and authority. You need to be willing to put others before yourself, but also have the freedom to make decisions when needed.

First of all, there are some things that you need to understand about being submissive:

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Submission is voluntary submission; this means that you don’t have to do anything unless you choose to do it on your own accord.

Submission does not mean obedience; this means that you always have a choice in what you do or say no matter what your husband asks of you.

Submission does not mean weakness; being submissive does not mean that men should walk all over women like they’re worthless pieces of meat.

In fact, being submissive makes women stronger because it requires them to rely on their husbands instead of themselves for support and guidance in life. Read more: why-do-people-fall-in-love-with-the-wrong-pers/

Here are 15 ways to be submissive to your husband:

There are many ways to be submissive to your husband. Here are a few of them:

1. Live as a helper and helper to him.

2. Respect him as your head.

3. Obey his wishes, even if they seem unreasonable to you.

4. Don’t nag him or complain about the things he does or does not do for the family.

5. Pray for him daily and ask God to give him wisdom in dealing with you and other family members.

6. Make sure that what you say about him is positive, even when he’s not around.

7. Never talk negatively about your husband behind his back; this is called “backbiting.”

8. Be responsive instead of reactive.

9. Be respectful instead of argumentative

10. Support his decisions even if you don’t agree with them 100% at first.

11. Follow his lead in decisions affecting your family.

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12. Offer Your Body to Him as a Living Sacrifice for His Pleasure and Service.

13. Obey him without reservation or complaint.

14. Be Honest with Him and Yourself Regarding Your Issues, Weaknesses, and Struggles Because Submission Is Not Complete Unless It Is Authentic.

15. Never talk back to him in a disrespectful tone, or you will quickly lose his respect and ruin your chances of having a happy marriage.

What does it mean to be submissive to your husband?

Submissive is a word that has gotten a bad rap over the years. It makes people think of women who are not independent, who are weak, and who can’t make their own decisions.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, being submissive is actually a trait that many women long for in their husbands.

What does it mean to be submissive to your husband?

When we talk about being submissive to your husband, we are talking about a willingness to submit to his authority in all things.

This includes submitting to his leadership in your marriage and respecting him as your head, as well as submitting to his decisions in other areas of life (such as finances, and parenting) when he makes those decisions based on what God wants for you both.

Submission has nothing to do with weakness or lack of independence. It has everything to do with reverence for God and respect for another person.

Submissive to your husband means that you are willing to submit yourself to his authority and control. It does not mean that you always agree with what he says, but rather that you trust him to make the right decisions for you and your family.


You do not have to agree with everything he says or does all of the time, but when it comes down to making a decision, then it is best if you both agree with what is being done.

Submitting to your husband doesn’t mean you have no say in decisions. It means you are willing to follow your husband’s lead in situations where he has been given authority over you.

A submissive wife will not usurp her husband’s authority and attempt to lead him or his family in a spiritual sense. Instead, she submits herself to his leadership and allows him to do what he believes God has called him to do as a husband and father.

When a woman submits to a man?

When a woman submits to a man?

Submission is not something that is forced upon a woman. It is a decision she makes of her own free will and in her own best interest. She chooses submission because it is the best way to live her life. Submission is a choice, not an obligation.

Women may submit to different men in different ways. Some women choose to submit only sexually (and not otherwise), while others choose to submit both sexually and non-sexually.

Some women do so by choice, while others do so out of necessity due to their circumstances not allowing them any other options (such as being married to a man who forces them into it). Some women may choose full-time submission, while others may only submit part-time.

The important thing is that each woman must decide for herself how much she wants or needs to submit based on what works best for her own situation at any given time.

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When you submit it means that you allow your husband to lead and make decisions when necessary with your full cooperation and support behind him 100%.

The submission also does not mean that you do not have an opinion or voice in certain matters, either because it would be impossible for you to live with someone if you do not have an opinion or voice on certain matters.

What does submission look like in a marriage?

Submission is the life-long commitment to respect, cherish, and obey your husband. It’s not something that you do on occasion, or when it’s convenient; it’s a lifestyle.

If you have been married for any length of time, you know that marriage is not always easy. There are many times when you and your husband will disagree about things like finances, raising children, how to spend free time, etc. What does submission look like in those situations?

Submission looks like listening carefully to what your husband says. It looks like you are obeying him when he makes a decision that seems difficult for you to accept at first (e.g., “No, honey, we aren’t going out tonight because I need help with the kids after work tomorrow morning.”).

It looks like honoring him as the leader in your home and trusting his leadership decisions even if they don’t make sense to you at first glance (e.g., “No honey, I don’t think you should quit your job right now but just trust me on this one…it will work out fine!”).

Submission looks like doing what he asks without arguing or questioning his judgment (e.g., I would like you to cook dinner tonight). Submission looks like following his lead in a conversation (e.g., Let me tell you about my day).

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Submission looks like trusting him with your heart and mind (e.g., I believe that the best thing for us is to take a year off from our jobs to travel around the world). Submission looks like not making him feel responsible for your happiness (e.g., I’m sorry that I’m so grumpy today but it’s not your fault).

Submission looks like being loyal to him and his vision for your life together (e.g., We decided together that you need to spend more time with your family). Submission looks like having some personal interests outside of him (e.g., I am going to go out with my friends tonight even though you don’t want me to).

Submission looks like respecting his leadership over your life and his decisions about how much money we should spend on our house renovation (e.g., Honey, this cost estimate seems high; maybe we should consider another contractor?).

Submission looks like being willing to do what he wants even when it doesn’t make sense or seem fair. It looks like giving up your own desires to serve his wishes because you know he’ll be a better provider than you.

Submission looks like doing whatever it takes to make your husband happy, even if that means putting aside your own needs for his sake.

Submission doesn’t mean being inferior or less than your husband; it means being willing to sacrifice yourself for him because you love him so much.

What comes first love or submission?

When it comes to marriage, the question of love and submission is a common one. The answer is simple, but the question is not. Love and submission are two sides of the same coin. When you put them together, you get a beautiful marriage.

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In marriage, love and submission are two sides of the same coin.

But how do you know when to submit and when to lead? And how do you know whether your relationship is healthy or unhealthy? It’s important to understand that submission is different from obedience.

Obedience happens when we are told what to do by someone else, but submission happens inside us. It’s about our willingness to follow God even when we don’t feel like it.

Submission isn’t just about being under authority; it’s also about being under authority in order to build up others as well as yourself.

So how can you tell if your marriage is healthy or unhealthy? If there’s no love (or if there’s only one-way love), then there’s no submission either. One-way love is an unhealthy relationship, even though there may be many wonderful things about it.

But if there is love in both directions, if each spouse loves the other freely and unconditionally, then true submission will follow naturally.

Submission does not mean you are passive, but it does mean that you choose to submit to your husband’s leadership and authority. Submission is not the opposite of love; rather, it is the essence of love.

There are several reasons why submission is the essence of love:

1. Submission makes love possible in marriage. If a wife does not submit to her husband’s leadership, then he cannot lead her properly and their marriage will suffer as a result.

2. Submission is an act of love because it protects others from harm and keeps them safe.

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3. Submission is an act of love because it protects us from sin.

What do men look for in a wife?

Men look for different qualities in their wives. The most important qualities on which men base their selection of a bride are:

Men want a wife who is:

1. Faithful

Men don’t want to constantly worry about their wives’ being unfaithful. They want to know that they can trust their wives, and this goes both ways. If you don’t trust your husband, then he won’t be able to trust you either.

2. Loyal

Men want to know that their wives aren’t going to leave them for someone else or cheat on them with another man behind their backs. When men feel like they can trust their wives, it makes them feel better about being married to them.

3. Affectionate

Men need affection from their wives just as much as women do. They need someone who will kiss them goodbye and welcome them home again when they come home from work each day.

They need someone who will show them affection when they’re having a bad day or when something bad happens in their lives so that they can feel like everything is going to turn out okay in the end.

4. Supportive

Supportive of them even if it means putting themselves second sometimes instead of first all the time as most women do nowadays these days because of feminism and all the feminazi propaganda that’s been

5. Intelligence

Men want a woman who is intelligent, has a good sense of humor, and is independent. They also want someone who is attractive and physically fit. Men are not as concerned about weight as women are, but they are looking for a woman who takes care of herself.

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6. Smart

Men want women who are intelligent, especially if they have a high level of education. Men feel more confident when they’re with someone who is just as smart or smarter than them. This means that if you’re dating someone who is smarter than you, don’t be afraid to ask questions! It will only make him respect you more.

7. Kind

Men want women who are kind because it shows that they have empathy for others and aren’t afraid to show their emotions. Kindness isn’t just about helping others; it’s about being open-minded and accepting everyone for who they are, even those who may be different from us in some way.

If you want a man to appreciate your kindness, then make sure he sees it firsthand by being kind yourself!

8. Physical beauty

Men are looking for a woman who is physically beautiful. This is because men are naturally attracted to such women. He wants a wife who has a good figure and a beautiful face. He wants a wife with whom he can take pride in showing off to others.

However, it is not just physical beauty that men look for in their wives but also inner beauty which is character and personality traits that are attractive to men.

9. Good character

A man wants someone who has good character because he knows that this trait will be passed on to his children through their mother’s example during their formative years.

A man wants someone with good character because he knows that this trait will be passed on to his children through their mother’s example during their formative years.

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What can I do to make my husband happy?

There are many things that can make your husband happy. You need to talk to him and find out what he needs.

If you don’t know how to talk to him, then it’s time to learn. You can start by reading articles like this one. The more you know about men, the better off you’ll be.

The first thing I would suggest is that you learn how to communicate with your husband in a way that works for him.

If you’re not sure how to do this, learn about active listening and non-violent communication (NVC). These are two ways of talking that will help you have better relationships with both people and animals alike!

Next, take some time every day or week to spend with your husband doing something together that he likes doing (if there is something). This could be going out on a date or going fishing together or whatever else he likes doing.

Finally, try giving him some praise when he does something good or helpful around the house, in his business, or whatever else he does that makes life easier for both of you!


First and foremost, submission is not slavery. Nor is it blind obedience. Obedience is the act of following another’s instructions; it is acting on their leading to get them from point A to point B. Submission isn’t that at all. Rather, it’s about respect for the other person.

It means seeing them as a leader, giving yourself over to their guidance, and understanding that you both have strengths that can be used in service of the other when working together toward a common goal.

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