How to be sexy for your Boyfriend

How to be sexy for your boyfriend. So you’ve finished courting and are now in the midst of a serious relationship’s routine. Because you and your boyfriend are both very secure in your relationship, some of the sex—and romance—has died down.

He no longer has the eager, hungry gaze he had when you were dating. It’s time to refresh your memory on how to make your man swoon!

How to Make Yourself Attractive for your Boyfriend

Sure, after all these years, you’re both happy in your relationship, and you’ve got better things to do than having sex. You must, however, know how to make your man feel sexy. This is critical in order to maintain the flame of love and romance—and, of course, to ensure that your partner does not stray.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to be sexy for your man. You make small adjustments to your daily routine, and your guy will appreciate your extra efforts.

So here are some sassy advice on how to be seductive for your partner and make him constantly glance at you as if he wants to devour you in bed.

Tips on How to be sexy for your Boyfriend:

1. Examine and savor the component

Try a shimmery, scented lotion on your arms, legs, chest, and shoulders instead of conventional lotion. Try a flavored product or something you know your lover will enjoy. When he draws closer to you for a kiss, he’ll get a beautiful, seductive surprise this way.

2. The enticing fragrance of a good time

Scents are processed in the same part of the brain as emotion and memory, according to research. When your boyfriend smells cookies baking, it may remind him of his mother, making him feel warm and fuzzy inside. Choose a scent that will remind him of you every time he smells it, especially if it’s for sex.

3. Make sure your lips are glossy

Smooth, supple, and kissable lips are the epitome of seduction. So get those puckers glossed over, and remember to use a sheer gloss that looks natural and innocent. Try ones with a faint vanilla or cherry flavor, which will add sweetness to each kiss. Simple Ways to Have a Happy Marriage

4. Whether or not to mow your lawn

You have complete control. The key point is to try something different down there. Try having a landing strip if you’ve been going without one. Try a triangle shape or go completely hairless if you’ve been rocking the natural, grown-out appearance.

5. Put on a crimson outfit(Shades of Red)

Wearing red sends a sexual signal to him because red is the color of love and desire. Do you have a date planned? To go with your little black dress, wear scarlet heels.

Visiting him at home? While wearing his large shirt, wear red underpants and play peekaboo. Even better, paint your nails scarlet for a sexier look.

6. Show off your abs

Dress in a way that highlights your best features. Show off your fantastic rack with some low-cut tops or blouses with a few buttons left undone to allow your man a seductive glance into your cleavage. Wear form-fitting pants, shorts, or skirts to accentuate your curves if your hips and butts are the bomb.

7. Seductively smile

Learn how to seduce your guy using the skill of seductively smiling at him. While you may have mastered the goody-girl smile, nothing beats a slow-moving, crooked, mischievously sexy smile and hooded eyes to make his heart skip a beat.

8. Use your eyes to communicate

When your lover began heaping stuffing on his plate even before your mother began her Thanksgiving prayer, you knew you could communicate with your eyes. So you’re perfectly capable of eye-talking.

You can do this by yourself in the mirror or by seeing how models and actresses portray lust through their eyes. With a seductive smile and a sensual wink, your partner will know exactly what’s on your mind.

9. Maintain a flirtatious attitude

You don’t have to stop being playful and flirty just because you’ve moved past the courtship stage and are in a committed relationship. Keep the fire burning by doing simple things to make your partner think “sex” whenever you’re near.

10. Don’t be afraid of using a personal digital assistant (PDA)

If you want to learn how to be sexier for your partner, don’t be afraid to show him some tenderness when you’re out together. Hold hands, touch his arm, wrap your arms around him, and kiss him on the cheek or lips to show him how much you care.

Lean on his shoulders, or better yet, caress his thigh under the table, even if he’s busy looking at a restaurant menu.

11. Have a sensual night in bed

Put your saggy sweatpants in the trash. When it comes to bedtime, choose for luxurious textiles like satin, lace, and silk. You’ll not only look sexy in them, but you’ll also feel sexy.

Even if you like jammies in bed, stick to soft fabrics for comfort, but keep gorgeous lingerie on hand in case your boyfriend comes knocking in the middle of the night for some lovin.

12. Makeup should be worn

Also, don’t overdo it. Instead of hiding your true face beneath all the contouring, pigments, and fake eyelashes, makeup should bring out your best characteristics.

Men prefer natural, sun-kissed cosmetics than thick layers of goop. Plus, no guy wants to kiss your cheek and have his lips caked in your lipstick.

13. Keep yourself in good shape

It’s always glamorous to be healthy, with plenty of sleep and exercise. It boosts your confidence. As a result, you’re more likely to feel and exude sex.

Being and feeling beautiful requires you to be in good health. Furthermore, being in good shape makes you feel less irritable, which is always beneficial to your partner.

14. Keep a clean environment

Shower and wash your hair on a frequent basis to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh for your man. Exfoliating your skin to make it look radiant and smooth ups the erotic factor, making your lover want to touch and be close to you all the time. Keep your pearly whites shining and your breath fresh.

15. Be as clever as possible

If you’re with the right guy, wit is always attractive. Some guys favor the twits because they don’t anticipate their chats to extend beyond the bedroom.

Demonstrate to your partner that you’re more than just your booty by demonstrating your intelligence. Engage in meaningful discussion and be knowledgeable about topics that you know your guy enjoys.

16. Be self-assured

In and of itself, confidence is enticing. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or how you appear if you’re confident in yourself. Confidence enables you to express yourself in new and interesting ways, which your guy will adore.20 Seductive Ways to Be the Girl of Your Man’s Dreams (Sexy Girlfriend)

17. Greet him with a surprise

When he returns home from work, greet him in a seductive manner. Wear lingerie or a seductive gown. Whatever makes you feel seductive and assured. He’ll be astonished, but he’ll also get the impression that you want to fulfill his sexual dreams.

18. Take the initiative and take the initial step

Guys are the ones that make the majority of the initial moves in many relationships. It could be because they are more horny or simply because they are the dominating sex. It will be really seductive for him if you take the initiative and make the initial moves on him.

19. Offer him a private striptease or lap dance

Surprise him by leading him into the bedroom — he’ll love it. Dress up in your most seductive dress and place him in a chair or on the bed.

You can then use handcuffs or a necktie to restrain him and prevent him from moving his arms. While dancing to a hot, seductive music, take off every piece of clothing you own. Give him a lap dance, but don’t let him touch you.

20. Notes that are sexy

There are a few different ways to write him seductive letters. You can text him if you want to be more technological. Leave him little post-it notes in his clothes, car, or briefcase if you want to do it the old-fashioned way. Inform him of your plans for when he returns home. He’ll be looking forward to seeing you all day. Read More: Oscarlovecycle

21. Experiment with different options

In partnerships with a lot of rituals, men are prone to being bored. This can refer to anything from regular sex to everyday living.

So, if you add something fresh to the mix, he’ll think you’re really attractive. Experiment with a new sexual position, toys, or even zip lining. He will be turned on by anything fresh and interesting.

22. Make a hint

Being provocative is another excellent approach to make your lover feel sexy. Dress sexily and take him out to supper. Short skirt and black fishnet stockings are a good choice. You can lean over and tell him you forgot something at home — your underwear – right in the middle of your meal.

Then lift your skirt up a little higher and tell him to look down so he can see you’re telling the truth. He’ll want payment as soon as possible!

23. Overcome your fears

You can do something that goes against your inhibitions, similar to the last proposal. Wearing provocative lingerie under a trench coat or attempting kink in the bedroom could be all it takes. He will find you very sexy if he believes you are willing to put aside the things that make you uncomfortable for his benefit.

24. Enjoy his eccentricities

If he has an odd fascination with something, such as chocolate chip cookies or watching porn, you can join him in his oddities.

He might think they’re a little taboo (except for the cookies), but if he knows you’re willing to share them with him, he’ll be turned on.

25. Provide him with a spectacular view

The majority of women are self-conscious about their appearance. Most men, on the other hand, adore their lady’s body. Sure, letting him see you completely naked can be terrifying. However, the nervousness adds to the excitement.

With this incredibly sexy dare, it can erotically charge both of you. When he arrives, meet him at the front door naked or slowly remove your clothes. He’ll almost certainly want to jump your bones.

26. Surprise him from behind

When he’s not looking, surprise him from behind with this seductive move. With your arms wrapped around him, sneak up behind him and begin stroking him from behind.

Start with his neck and work your way down until you reach the most vital part of his body, which will undoubtedly be difficult.

27. Make the shower more seductive

You can surprise him by getting in the shower with him if you haven’t already. Try getting down and dirty with him while washing each other’s body parts. In the shower, he can act out his wildest fantasies. This will be a life-changing experience for him.

28. He is blindfolded

Anticipation is extremely seductive and necessary for good sex. You can therefore surprise him by putting on a blindfold.

This can be done while just sitting on the couch together or right before you start having sex. This is an excellent way to raise his excitement and pleasure levels. Every lick, touch, and stroke on his body is magnified when his sight is taken away.

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