How to be irresistible to a man: An Intro

How To Be Irresistible to a Man is meant for women who want to learn the right way of attracting a man. I always like to write my blog posts keeping in mind general topics related to men and women relationships and love between the two sexes. This is because I believe that men and women can have a happy long-term relationship if they just learn how to maneuver the relationship well.

Men and women unconsciously expect certain things from each other, because years of society have taught us different roles for men and for women. I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s the way it is. If you want to be irresistible to a man, then you must match your behavior and attitude with those that men expect of women.

Women all want to be irresistible to a man, but what does that really mean? What the heck does being irresistible even look like?

Here’s the cold hard truth – most women are being taught the WRONG WAY to attract and seduce a man. If you want to know EXACTLY how you can be irresistible to a man, and capture his interest effortlessly, then you’re in the right place.

There are lots of ways to be irresistible – picking the right perfume, and wearing the right outfit but there are far more important things to think about like listening, showing you care, and being totally authentic.

Just having pretty looks can be enough to attract a man at first sight, but with more time, men start appreciating other qualities.

When you are dealing with men, life becomes a lot more interesting. Every woman has a story to tell when it comes to dealing with men. Men are not easy prey; they are very different in every possible way but one thing is constant – every man desires his women to be irresistible. To be honest it is the only desire that all men share and want their partners to be attractive to them and to others.

Key points:

  • How to be irresistible to a man
  • Increase your attractiveness and be more attractive to men
  • Words that attract a man
  • Ways to a man’s heart

How to be irresistible to a man

So, you want to know how to be irresistible to a man? The first thing you need to do is believe that you are. Believing in yourself is the most important step in attracting someone else. If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of love then how can anyone else?

There are certain things that women can do to become irresistible to men. You will find that men are very much like children, in that they respond better to positive reinforcement and rewards. If you want your man to love you more than he loves any other woman, then it is important that you learn how to make him happy.

Many women wonder how to be irresistible to a man. They want to know what they can do to make a man fall in love with them, or at least give them some attention. Well, there are several things that you can do that will get the attention of any man, but the first thing is to realize that men are different from women.

Men tend to think with their eyes and not with their ears. If they see something they like, they will go after it regardless of what anyone says or thinks about them. This is why many men are attracted to women who wear provocative clothes or dresses that show off their bodies. They also like women who put on makeup and use perfume and other things that make them look good on the outside.

Men are also attracted by the intelligence because they want someone who can keep up with them when it comes to conversation. So, if you have a good vocabulary and can speak well in front of people then this will attract most men! Men also like a woman who knows what she wants out of life and goes after it without hesitation!

So, if you want someone special in your life then starts using these tips today!

1. Be confident

A man wants to be with a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. He wants to be with someone who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Guys are just as insecure as we are, so don’t let a little insecurity get the best of you or him.

2. Be honest, but don’t be too honest all the time

He likes his privacy and he doesn’t want to go home to someone who feels like their life is an open book. There’s nothing wrong with talking about your feelings, but there’s also nothing wrong with keeping some things private and sometimes it’s even good for your relationship.

3. Always look good

When you’re trying to attract someone, you have to make sure that they see you as being attractive — whether that means wearing makeup or getting a haircut before going out for drinks, or making sure that your clothes fit well and aren’t stained from eating pizza at midnight last night (or both). Your appearance matters, even if it shouldn’t!

4. Have a sense of humor and use it often

A man wants to laugh with you, not at you. Laugh at his jokes even if they aren’t funny; this will make him feel good about himself and he’ll like being around you because laughter always makes people happy!

5. Open up about your feelings and let him into your heart

But not too soon! Let him get to know you first as a friend or colleague before sharing intimate details about your life with him.

6. Never nag at him or try to change him into someone else

Don’t try to nag or change him, Instead, appreciate the person he is right now and let him know how much you love him for who he is.

7. Intelligence

 Men like intelligent women who challenge them intellectually, but not too much! If you want to attract men, then it’s best that you don’t come across as too intellectual or smart because they don’t want a woman who outsmarts them all the time! However, if he finds out that you’re really smart later on, then he’ll probably find this very attractive about you!

8. Speak with a soft voice and use words that make him feel good about himself

Here are the phrases men find most attractive in women, according to research:

I love myself

Men find this incredibly sexy because it shows confidence and self-respect. A woman who knows who she is and loves herself is someone who will treat him right. So, if you want to make him fall head over heels for you, learn how to love yourself more first!

I’m sorry

Women have always been told not to apologize when they don’t need to but this is one time when it’s completely acceptable. Men love hearing that their actions have hurt us or made us feel bad because it means we care about them enough to let them know when something isn’t OK with us. It makes them feel important and appreciated — two things every man wants!

9. Be flirtatious

Flirt without being vulgar or inappropriate (or he won’t take it seriously). Flirting is fun and lighthearted – not something that should lead to sex on the first date (or at all).

10. Don’t play games or be two-faced

If he wants something from you, give it freely and wholeheartedly instead of stringing him along or making excuses why you can’t do something right now but maybe later… which never comes because as soon

11. Be approachable

Men are naturally drawn to women who appear approachable and warm, so take a breath and smile when you see him. If you’re not sure if it was him or not, try to make eye contact with him again – if he looks away or seems uncomfortable, it’s probably not him.

12. Make eye contact with him

Eye contact is an instant way to convey interest, so look at him in the eyes when he walks by instead of checking out his abs (unless he’s shirtless). This is especially true if you’re looking through a window or glass door while he passes by; even though you can’t see each other directly, it can still make a difference in how he feels about approaching you! Read more article: Things men dislike about a girl in a relationship

13. Smile at him as he passes by

If you’ve been watching him walk by for a while without doing anything else in particular, give him a smile as he goes by – this will let him know that you’re interested without making it too obvious that you were staring at his butt the whole time (which might be creepy).

The more confident and relaxed you seem when smiling at someone, the more likely they are to think of you as approachable and friendly.

Be irresistible by being fun, spontaneous, and playful. Let’s first be clear that not every man wants to be in a mindless relationship with a hot chick who just lays there. What intelligent, ambitious men want is a hot chick who is also fun, spontaneous, and playful — as long as they don’t wake up one day to find themselves married to a mindless wad of hot fluff who has no other qualities besides her hotness.

Increase your attractiveness and be more attractive to men

There are many things that make a woman beautiful, but first and foremost is kindness. It’s not enough to be kind to your friends and family. You have to be kind to everyone around you, even strangers.

If you want to be more attractive, then you must learn how to be kinder and gentler with yourself and others. If you can’t do that, then at least try being kinder towards yourself. When we treat ourselves better, then we feel more confident about who we are and how we look.

There are so many ways that women can increase their attractiveness and make themselves more appealing to men:

You can increase your attractiveness as a woman by following these steps:

1. Dress well

2. Be fit and toned

3. Wear make-up

4. Have good hygiene (shower, brush your teeth, wash hair)

5. Smile often, especially when talking to people you are attracted to

6. Be positive and friendly with everyone you meet (including strangers)

7. Don’t be shy or timid in any way; be confident and strong minded at all times.

Words that attract a man

When it comes to flirting, men and women are different. Men like to hear compliments and words of admiration. Women like to hear compliments as well but they also like to have their emotions validated by the other person.

How do you communicate your feelings? Do you tell him how you feel, or do you expect him to know? Do you ask him what he thinks? Do you tell him what he should do in order for things to work out better?

Words have power. The right words can make you laugh, cry, or feel a sense of joy. The wrong words can hurt feelings, make you cringe, and even cause a fight.

Words are the building blocks of human communication. Since we all communicate with each other every day, it’s important to understand what words attract men and what words repel them.

The words that you use can either attract or repel a man. The words you use to describe yourself will determine if a man will be attracted to you or not. Read more: Oscarlovecycle

Here are some words that attract men:

1. I am passionate about life and love, and I want to share that passion with someone special.

2. I am an extremely positive person who sees the good in everything around me.

3. I love nature, animals, and people in general, so don’t be surprised if I ask you to take me on a date to the zoo or a petting farm!

4. I want a relationship where we can share our dreams, hopes, and aspirations with each other, as well as our problems and challenges.

5. My ideal man would be someone who is kind-hearted and generous with his time and money – someone who wants to make a difference in the world by helping others less fortunate than himself!

6. You look beautiful today – This is the best way to start the conversation and make your partner feel special. If he is around his friends, he will feel more comfortable when he hears these words from you because they know that they don’t mean anything but just flattery. So don’t hesitate to say it as often as possible!

7. I love you – This is the most powerful word in the world when said with sincerity and meaning behind it. It instantly makes him feel wanted, loved, and appreciated.

Using alluring words in your relationships will make a man determine whether he wants to pursue you or not. You can say that it’s nothing but a natural instinct to have men chasing after them. However, knowing the type of words that attract a man and what would make him go crazy over you is a whole different thing.

Ways to a man’s heart

You can’t go wrong with a man’s heart if you’re looking for the right way to his heart. For those who don’t know, a man’s heart is the organ that pumps blood through his body. It’s also known as a “muscle” because it contracts and expands like one.

The heart is located on the left side of the chest, just below the breastbone. For some people, like athletes or firefighters, it beats faster when they’re in danger or needs physical exertion. But for most people, it beats at an average rate of 70 times per minute when at rest.

Here are five ways to get a man’s heart pumping:

1. Make him feel important

2. Give him space when he needs it

3. Let him take charge sometimes

4. Show your appreciation for what he does for you

5. Don’t let him get away with anything

6. Cook him a meal

7. Be Spontaneous (Men love surprises)

8. Be feminine and flirty (but not too much!).

9. Don’t nag him about anything

10. Don’t criticize him in front of other people or even worse behind his back


There are several things that women can do to attract a man’s attention with the use of their perfume. It is the scent of a woman’s perfume that attracts men and drives them wild. You can use fragrances to attract a man so that he will be irresistible to him.

Be a feminine woman and do not just be an imitation of a man but instead come at him with feminine wiles and show him your softness. Go out and see what is out there. You have been too long within the same four walls being lonely. It’s time to stretch your wings!

The more you flirt, the more you will want to flirt because you will begin to feel better about yourself. A good relationship is built on two happy people. It’s all about balance and treating people with respect, dignity, and honesty from the start.

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