How love dies in marriage | What you should know

How love dies in marriage. At the beginning of every marriage, spouses love each other very much. They enjoy living together and being around each other, and they look forward to coming home in time to see each other again.

Before you get married, you have this great idea that marriage is going to be fun, rewarding and fulfilling. When couples understand how love dies in marriage, they can reverse those negative trends, preserving family happiness and avoiding conflicts.

Love is the fuel for marriage, yet it is often the element that quickly burns out once the excitement of early romance has faded. Love does not die all at once, and there are many ways in which this can happen. Love can conquer differences, and it’s the strongest force that bonds two people together into one. When love is present, a couple has enough strength to face hard times and overcome obstacles.

But some couples are unable to cope with the hardships of life and give up too early. This article will tell you how love can die in marriage, which means it’s time to rekindle your relationship!


  • Why does love die after marriage?
  • What kills affection in marriage?
  • Can true love die?
  • How long does love last in a marriage?
  • Why do men change after marriage?
  • Why do marriages lose intimacy?
  • Can a marriage survive without love?
  • Conclusion

How love dies in marriage

Love dies in marriage when couples stop showing interest in each other. Marriage is a long-term commitment, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to last forever. There are some couples who never get married, and there are others who end up divorcing after years of being together.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s important to remember that you need to put effort into the relationship if you want it to work out. If you don’t put any effort into it, then your relationship will end up falling apart. How to Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied and Horny for More

Why do people say that love dies in marriage?

The reason why people say that love dies in marriage is because they believe that once you get married, your feelings start fading away until they disappear completely, leaving only emptiness behind them. This is not true! You can still feel love even after getting married!

Love dies in marriage because we forget to nurture it. We get busy with our careers, children, and other responsibilities that we forget about the most important thing in our lives: our relationship with each other.

We take love for granted by assuming that it will always be there and that it can’t die. But if we don’t put time into nurturing and maintaining it, then love will fade away and eventually die.

Here are five ways love dies in marriage:

1. Neglecting your spouse

If you don’t make time for your spouse and don’t show them how much you care about them, then they will feel neglected or unimportant to you. When this happens, it makes them feel unloved by you and causes them to lose respect for you as well. This can lead to resentment towards each other which can easily destroy any feelings of love between the two of you.

2. Making fun of each other

Making fun of your spouse is never a good idea because it makes them feel belittled or disrespected by you which can make them feel unloved by you as well. Making fun of each other is also not good because it creates distance between the two of you rather than allowing you to connect with each other.

3. Criticizing each other

It’s okay to have disagreements and arguments but when you start criticizing each other for no reason, then that’s where it becomes a problem. Criticizing your spouse can make them feel inferior and will make them lose respect for you as well. If both partners are constantly criticizing each other then this will only create more distance between both of them and they would want to spend less time with each other instead of spending more time together.

4. Not showing affection or love

Another reason why love dies in marriage is because couples stop showing affection towards one another which means that they no longer show love towards one another either. If this happens then it will be very hard for any couple to stay together since they don’t feel like there is any love left between them anymore which means that their relationship will eventually end up falling apart completely if they don’t do anything about it quickly.

5. Not communicating with each other

Another reason why love dies in marriage is because couples stop communicating with each other properly which means that there will be no way for them to understand what’s happening between them anymore and this can lead to problems between them which could eventually destroy their relationship completely if nothing is done about it soon enough.

6. Lack of trust

Another reason why love dies in marriage is because couples may begin to lose trust in each other which means that they may start doubting everything their spouse says or does. This can lead to arguments and fights which will eventually result in a broken relationship.

7. No time together

If you don’t spend time together as a couple, then there’s no way your relationship will survive. It doesn’t matter if you both work outside the home or if one of you works while the other stays home with the kids; what matters most is that you make time for each other so that you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other.

Why does love die after marriage?

Love is a feeling, and it’s a very strong one. But love is also an action. It’s an action that can be expressed in a variety of ways: through words, through actions, by listening and caring for another person. When the “feeling” of love disappears, what remains are actions that are not necessarily loving.

Here are some reasons why love can die after marriage:

1. Lack of communication

2. Lack of affection

3. Financial troubles

4. Different interests

5. Incompatible expectations

6. Lack of time together

7. Infidelity

8. Different parenting styles

9. Lack of forgiveness

10. Failure to communicate your needs

What kills affection in marriage?

There are a number of things that can kill affection in marriage. Most often, it’s not the relationship itself that causes the loss of affection, but rather how you handle the difficulties that come up in your marriage.

Here are some common reasons why couples lose their affection for each other:

1. They don’t talk about their feelings and needs openly.

2. They don’t listen to each other or validate each other’s feelings.

3. They don’t compromise, and they don’t make decisions together as a couple.

4. They take each other for granted and fail to appreciate who they married.

Can true love die?

True love is a rarity. It is so rare that some people spend their whole lives on a quest to find it, while others don’t even know what they are looking for. True love is not just some romantic attraction between two people. True love is breathtaking, heartwarming, and mind-blowing.

True love makes you feel complete and whole. True love makes you feel like the other person completes your soul and makes your heart beat faster than ever before. True love can be found in all sorts of places; it does not have to just come from someone you date or marry. True love can also be found in friendships, family members, pets and many other relationships we have in our lives.

No matter how much time passes by, we will never forget the first time we met our true love or felt that spark of chemistry between us when we first met them. It felt like destiny had brought us together for a reason, and there was no way we could ever be apart again after that day. Read more here: signs-you-may-be-falling-out-of-love-in-marria/

How long does love last in a marriage?

Most couples believe that romantic love lasts forever. They see their partner as their soul mate, who will always be there for them. But unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Most people assume that if they are in love with someone, then they will be happy for the rest of their lives. While this may be true for some couples, it’s not necessarily true for everyone.

In fact, the average marriage only lasts about 8 years! This means that many people get divorced soon after they tie the knot and become husband and wife.

The good news is that you can increase your chances of having a successful marriage by learning how to keep love alive in your relationship.

Why do men change after marriage?

Men change after marriage because they are trying to please their wives. Men and women are different. We have differences in how we think, what we want, how we feel and even the way we dress. But when it comes to marriage, men and women are exactly alike: we both want to be loved and accepted for who we really are.

But getting married changes things for men. Once they get married, most men will begin to change their attitude toward life in general, even if they don’t know it or don’t want it to happen! The truth is that men have a tendency to become more domesticated after marriage than women do, because they are trying so hard to please their wives.

They have a desire to be good husbands and fathers and provide for their families, but somewhere along the way, all this responsibility gets in the way of being happy themselves!

Why do marriages lose intimacy?

There are many reasons why marriages lose intimacy. In some cases, the loss of intimacy is due to a lack of communication and respect. Other times, it’s because of a lack of physical contact or emotional connection.

Here are some reasons why marriages lose intimacy:

1. You’re too busy running around doing other things to spend time with your spouse.

2. You don’t have time for each other because you’re working all the time.

3. You’re spending more time with friends and family than with your spouse, who feels neglected.

4. There are unresolved conflicts in the relationship that prevent you from connecting emotionally or physically.

5. You feel that your needs aren’t being met and so you withdraw from your partner. Read more articles about How to Be a Good Wife to Your Husband

Can a marriage survive without love?

Marriage is a sanctified union between two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Many people believe that love is an essential element in a successful marriage. But what if a couple has been married for many years and they no longer feel the same way about each other as they did when they first got married? Can they still create a healthy, happy relationship?

Of course, they can! And indeed, many marriages do survive long after the initial feelings of romance have faded away and the “in love” feelings have subsided. Some couples even say that their marriages are better now than ever before because they’re able to focus on each other as individuals rather than just as lovers.

In fact, research shows that most couples who stay married for 10 years or more are very happy with their marriages and would not consider divorce no matter how many problems they’ve had over those years. In fact, studies show that most people are happier with their marriages after 10 years than when they first got married, despite having gone through some rough patches along the way! Read more here >>>>the-key-differences-between-love-and-intimacy/


There are many reasons people lose their feelings of love in a marriage. Sometimes, a person will stop loving his or her partner because they feel that they have stopped loving him or her, even though the truth is that they have never loved him or her to begin with. Other times, the non-loving spouse has never loved his or her partner. Research on this topic suggests that about 40–55% of all marriages settle into this type of passionless union.

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