Obsession vs love psychology | What you should know

Obsession vs love psychology

Obsession vs love psychology. This article explores the concept of the ‘obsessive lover’ and some of the similarities between obsessive behavior and love. Obsession can be defined as a state of extreme preoccupation with another person. It is often associated with intense, possessive feelings of desire for that person, as well as erratic and irrational … Read more

Importance of sex in a relationship

Importance of sex in a relationship

Importance of sex in a relationship. Sex is important in any committed relationship for numerous reasons other than procreation. It’s all about closeness, pleasure, and sexual expression in the end. Intercourse provides numerous cognitive, emotional, physical, and social advantages. Understanding the advantages will help couples see that having sex in their relationships will not only … Read more

Dealing with long-distance relationship

dealing with long-distance relationship problems

Dealing with long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are not without their challenges. One of the most difficult aspects of long-distance relationships is that they might last a long time yet eventually get exhausting. Relationships are difficult enough when you live close together. It takes time and patience to learn how to manage a long-distance relationship, but … Read more