5 Differences Between Friends and Spouses

5 Differences Between Friends and Spouses

5 differences between friends and spouses. When you were a kid, your friends were everything. You were always together, and probably still are. At some point though, usually around the age of 13 or so, girls start to invade your circle of guy friends.

Soon after those girls started to become more than just friends, and you got married. At least I hope you did. That’s when things started to change between friends and spouses.

Sure, there are still a few things that remain the same (except the marriage part), but there are five huge differences between friends and spouses.

You and your spouse have been married for a couple of years. You’ve known each other forever and you’re best friends, right? It turns out: no (no duh) According to research, there are five main differences between friends and spouses:

People often share a common bond and treat each other like friends. While others have chosen to formalize the relationship and get married — making them husband and wife.

What makes these two relationships different? What are the five discrepancies between best friends and spouses?

Do you have friends or are you married to a spouse? You might be surprised to learn that they aren’t the same thing. So, what are the differences between friends and spouses?

5 Differences Between Friends and Spouses

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For example, if you live alone and only see your roommate once a week, then maybe it’s worth spending the extra money so that you can wear pajamas all day. Read more article: How to Get Over Rejection

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You Go to the Restroom Together

Like you, your significant other probably has to go to the bathroom every day. What if you could save yourself some time? What if they didn’t need to rush home during work? What if they were already at home waiting for you when you got there? Well, guess what, now they can be.

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By now, you’ve probably heard of “You go to the bathroom together” Specifically, it refers to hanging out with someone for so long that one of you needs to use the bathroom. So, why do you and your bestie need to go to the bathroom together?

Going to the bathroom is a serious matter. But what if someone else went with you? It’s weird, right? But why? Sure, there are some intimate moments that shouldn’t be shared with anyone else (like changing clothes), but when it comes to actions like sitting on the toilet and flushing shouldn’t it be okay to share?

Honeymoon Period Never Ends

In the beginning… Passion, indulgence, romance. It’s all there by default. You don’t have to work for it, but you have to stay at it.

I’m talking about the Honeymoon Period Never Ends, the period in which you make all the good choices for each other and for your relationship. The decisions are easy because you make them willingly.

The honeymoon period never ends – that’s a popular saying, isn’t it? And it’s true. There are no invisible limits and boundaries. Read more:

You can go as far as in several directions. And the direction is life itself – easy, interesting, and constantly changing.

They say that the honeymoon period never ends in your relationship, but what about the relationship with your printer or website? Do you know when an automation solution is close to failing and needs a better alternative? Maybe your customer experience isn’t quite what it could be.

You Have to Deal with Their Family

You’ve just started going out with someone and it’s going great. Turns out, you have things in common, you get along great, and their family is really warm and accepting of you.

Things are looking up…but then they tell you they have to go visit their family for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa — whichever holiday it may be.

Read more article: What make man happy in a relationship?

You might have to deal with an additional person when you go on your winter vacation, which can be a challenge and may make things less fun, or have to deal with the fact that your SO stays at home while your whole other life is elsewhere.

So, you’ve started dating someone. And every time you hang out, their family is there too. But soon enough, you’re hanging out with their entire family. You should’ve signed a contract before this happened.

Having to deal with your in-laws can be tricky. So often we don’t really know what their emotional state is, or the emotional state of their other children. We don’t know how they feel about someone marrying into the family, who they may get along with really well.

There are a lot of things when it comes to your spouse’s family as you think about them living around you and your spouse and what that means for your marriage.


The 5 biggest differences between friends and spouses may seem obvious and not worth noting, but it’s how we approach them that can get us into trouble.

We may think we are respecting the person in our relationship but really, we are degrading or rude toward them.

When the survey results floated in the media, my first instinct was that I want to do a survey on married couples and friends.

But when you think about it for a few minutes, even though these two relationships function differently, the nature of the differences are basically superficial.

Any difference between friends and spouses is actually trivial; they are basically one. They have basically the same features, just have different structures.

As time passes by, we will not be able to distinguish whether we are married couples or just well-acquainted friends. So, it is important to treasure and appreciate other people while they are around us!

There are many similarities between friends and spouses, but the relationship between partners tends to be more committed and binding.

So, while a friend can come and go as they please, a spouse typically stays around for the long haul. And while some of us might have stronger friendships than romantic relationships, it’s clear that we’re better at sustaining our partner’s interest and attention.

Friends drift apart as people change, but our spouse tends to be with us until death do us part. Read more article: How to Please a woman daily

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