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14 reasons why men like you. Do you secretly wonder why men like you? I mean, they hang out with you, they call you and text you, they invite you on dates, they take you to them, and they do all sorts of things with you, but do they really like YOU? Or is this just a game?

Just because a man does all these things doesn’t mean he likes or loves you. They might just be having fun for their time or their egos, or in hopes that he’ll eventually get in your pants.

To be honest, it’s not easy for a lot of girls to understand why some guys find them attractive. Girls wonder if they are being played for a fool or if he even likes them in the first place.

As it turns out, there is actually a very simple reason why most guys like you. You just have to know what that thing is.

There are reasons why men like you, even though many of them might not understand why. It’s their instinct for them. Men are wired to be attracted to certain traits.

In this guide, I want to talk about why some men like you, because I know it can be hard sometimes to figure it out. This will help you evaluate yourself and understand why men like you.
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  • 14 Reasons Why Men Like You
  • What makes a man like a woman?
  • What to say when a guy asks why do you like me?
  • What attracts a man’s attention?
  • What do guys do if they like you?
  • What do men find unattractive?
  • What are the signs of someone liking you?
  • How do you keep a man interested in you?
  • Conclusion
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14 Reasons Why Men Like You

Everybody wants to know why men like them and what is attractive about them. When you know why, you can boost your own confidence level and attract more men by just being yourself. The key here is to attract the right kind of attention.

Here are 14 Reasons Why Men Like You

1. They like women who are smart.

2. They like women who are funny.

3. They like women who have a positive attitude toward life and love.

4. They like women who have something to offer, not just in looks but in personality as well.

5. They like women who can be their friends and talk about things other than guys and have sex all the time!

6. They like women who are independent enough to know what they want in life and not need some guy to tell them what it should be!

7. They like women who can cook a mean meal for them every once in a while!

8. They like women who don’t make them feel stupid for not knowing something about computers or cars or whatever else you might think you need to know about that isn’t directly related to your job! (And no, I don’t mean the girl from “The Big Bang Theory”!)

9. They like women who don’t fight over stupid stuff such as which movie we should see or where we should go on vacation this year (if we even go anywhere at all).

10. They like women who aren’t afraid to be themselves and share their opinions in a calm and collected manner, rather than screaming them out in an aggressive manner that makes everyone in the room uncomfortable.

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11. They like women who are comfortable with their bodies (which is not always easy for me).

12. They like women who can be sexy without being slutty, classy without being boring, funny without being obnoxious, and beautiful without being vain.

13. They like women who are intelligent and don’t feel threatened by men who are smarter than them because they know it doesn’t make them any less of a man if his girlfriend knows more about politics or science than he does!

14. They like women who have goals and dreams for their own lives, but still want to spend time together with their boyfriends doing things that interest them both – even if those things don’t involve shopping or watching TV shows together! Read more: 5-reasons-why-men-like-you/

What makes a man like a woman?

There are many reasons why a man would like a woman. But there is only one thing that makes a man like a woman, and that is her personality.

If you want to attract men, you must have an attractive personality. It does not matter how beautiful or intelligent you are.

So what makes a man like a woman? There are many things that make men like women:

The first thing that attracts a man to a woman is her eyes. They say that eyes are the windows of the soul and it’s true. A man looks into a woman’s eyes and sees who she really is.

The second thing that attracts a man to a woman is her smile. A smile is one of the most beautiful things in this world, and it can completely change any man’s day for the better.

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The third thing that attracts a man to a woman is her hair. Long, short, curly, straight, blonde, brunette, or redhead… There are many types of hair, and all men love them all!

The fourth thing that attracts a man to a woman is her sense of humor. Men love women who can make them laugh because it makes them feel good about themselves as well as being around her more often than not!

The fifth thing that attracts a man to a woman is her style because he wants someone who makes him think that he himself could be just like her if he wanted to be!

A man wants a woman who has confidence and knows what she wants out of life. He’s already got a job and pays his own bills, so why does she need to put herself out there for the world to see?

When it comes down to it, men don’t want women who are too shy or too quiet, but instead those who are confident in themselves and their ability to do whatever they set their mind to.

Men want women who can inspire them and make them want more out of life for themselves.

What to say when a guy asks why do you like me?

It’s a question that can make a girl feel uncomfortable, especially if she’s not sure how to answer it. But there are plenty of ways to answer “why do you like me?”

in a way that makes him feel good and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just put yourself out there too much.

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Your answer will depend on the relationship you have with the guy in question and whether or not he has asked the question before.

If he’s asking for the first time, then it’s an important opportunity for you to let him know how much he means to you in a way he can understand.

If he has asked before, then it’s also important that his feelings aren’t hurt by your answer or by any changes in how you act around him.

The best way to approach this question is with honesty, but not too much at once. You want to give him enough information so that he understands why you like him without giving away too much or making him feel insecure about himself or his relationship with you.

Here are some possible answers:

I like you because we have so much fun together.

I like that we can talk about anything when we’re together.

I like your smile and how friendly you are with everyone around us.

I like how sweetly romantic you are when we’re alone together at home or on vacation.

You’re also funny and smart; that’s why I like being around you so much!

What attracts a man’s attention?

A man’s attention is drawn to women who are attractive and feminine. Attractiveness is determined by many factors, including physical features, clothing, and social cues.

Physical features include the shape of the face, body type, height, skin tone, and hair color. Clothing can make a person appear more or less attractive. Social cues include posture, eye contact, and facial expressions that show interest in others.

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Men are visual creatures so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re attracted to what we see. If a woman has an allure about her that makes us want to know more about her, we’ll want to get close enough to talk with her.

Our attraction is not necessarily based on looks alone but also on how she makes us feel when we’re around her.

When it comes to attracting men’s attention, there are many factors that play into the equation including:

1. Your body language and posture

2. The way you dress

3. How you present yourself in public

4. Your attitude and demeanor

5. What type of personality you have

What do guys do if they like you?

Guys do a lot of things when they like you. They want to make sure that you know that they like you. This is because guys don’t want to waste their time on someone who doesn’t like them back.

So, if a guy likes you, he will let you know in one way or another. He might be subtle about it and might not even realize what he’s doing but he will definitely give you some signs whether he realizes it or not.

Some of the most common ways that guys show their interest in a girl are:

They will stare at you and make eye contact. This is the most obvious sign that he likes you! He might even blush when looking at you, which can be cute and awkward at the same time.

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He will smile when he sees you or around other people who know about his crush on you. It can be hard for guys to show their emotions openly, so a smile might be as close as he gets.

He will try to come up with excuses to talk to you alone (e.g., asking for directions). If it seems like he’s trying too hard to get over his nerves and talk to you, then there’s a good chance his crush on you runs deep!

He may also start complimenting you a lot more than usual and talking about how beautiful or hot you are. He might even try to get closer to you by asking for help with homework or study sessions, which is really cute because it shows that he wants to spend more time with you than before.

He might ask about your interests and hobbies in an effort to get closer to you (e.g., asking how your day was). If he asks how your day was today but didn’t ask yesterday, that’s a good sign!

He might invite you out on a date or hang out with him at school or after school activities.

This could be one of the best signs that he is interested in dating you because it shows that he wants to spend more time with you than just talking on the phone or texting each other all the time during class breaks!

What do men find unattractive?

The short answer is that men find a lot of things unattractive.

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But we can start with a few basic facts about male psychology. Men are visual creatures, meaning they are attracted to what they see.

Men also want their women to be feminine and submissive, which means they like women who look feminine, who act feminine, and who dress like women.

The following list includes some of the most common “turn-offs” for men:

1. Being overweight or obese

2. Having bad teeth, crooked teeth, or missing teeth (even if you have braces)

3. A bad complexion (acne or discoloration on your face)

4. Having hairy arms and legs (unless you are a model or celebrity, most guys don’t want a woman who looks like Bigfoot!)

5. Having cellulite all over your body (men hate this!)

6. Being overly tattooed or pierced (especially multiple piercings in weird places on your face such as eyebrow piercings or nose piercings!)

7. Having greasy hair (even if it’s long and straight!)

8. Wearing too much makeup (men don’t like “painted up” girls! The more natural-looking the better!)

What are the signs of someone liking you?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out if your crush is into you. Maybe you’ve been friends with someone for a while, and now you’re wondering if they like you back.

The signs of someone liking you can be hard to spot, especially if you’re not sure what to look for.

After all, if someone likes you too much it could mean they’re obsessed with stalking you or planning to kidnap and imprison you forever. Not exactly ideal outcomes!

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So what are the signs of someone liking you?

Here are some signs that someone likes you

How to tell if someone likes you: Signs of attraction

They smile at you a lot.

They make eye contact with you a lot.

They try to talk to you a lot.

They ask about your day and want to know about your life (this is a big one).

They laugh at your jokes and stories.

They pay attention when you talk about yourself or something that interests you.

They’re open to doing things with you (e.g., going out for coffee or grabbing drinks).

How do you keep a man interested in you?

The first step to keeping a man interested is to understand what men find attractive. Men are simple creatures, so if you can give them what they want, then they’ll be yours.

Here are some tips on how to keep a man interested in you:

1. Be yourself

When it comes to men and relationships, women are always told to be themselves. But what does that mean?

A woman who is being herself is a woman who is not trying to be someone else, particularly when she’s with a man she’s interested in. She’s not playing games or pretending to be someone else because she thinks that will make him like her more. She’s confident and comfortable in her own skin.

2. Don’t play games with him

There are two kinds of games women play with men. Games of emotional manipulation and games of sexual manipulation. Women who play these kinds of games do so because they believe they need to manipulate a man into liking them or wanting them sexually.

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It doesn’t matter if they’re aware they’re doing it or not; they still need to stop doing it if they want to keep the man interested in them over time.

3. Don’t play hard-to-get

This goes along with not playing games: don’t play hard-to-get either! Some women think that playing hard-to-get will make a man want them more than he already does (if he’s interested at all).

4. Don’t be clingy or needy

It is okay to talk about past relationships, but don’t get into details about how much you loved him or how much he hurt you emotionally because that can make things awkward for both of you if he does not feel the same way about his past relationship as well as if he does not want to hear all these things from another person, especially when there is no chemistry between the two of you yet!

It can also make him feel trapped in a relationship that he may not even want at this point in time!

5. Be feminine

Men love feminine women. So, it is important to show your feminine side and let him see that side of you as well. Don’t hide behind your masculine attitude, but instead let him see who you really are inside – a woman with emotions and feelings who needs love and care like any other human being in this world.

6. Make him feel special

Men love when they feel like they’re the only one in the world who matters to someone else, so make him feel this way as often as possible. If you really want your guy to stay around, make sure that he feels like he’s the center of attention whenever he’s around you!

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7. Don’t try too hard to impress him

When you’re interested in someone but have no idea how they feel about you, it can be tempting to try too hard to impress them. You might do things like dress up more often or talk about how great your life is when they’re around, but this isn’t healthy for anyone involved!

If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, then it’s probably not going to work out anyway.


If you want to attract a man who is not an immediate family member, it will take more than just making yourself physically attractive. Learn what men are thinking about and why they are drawn to you as a woman.

However, nothing is as appealing as an alluring attitude and a young look, but beauty fades. A woman with a positive personality and sense of humor can capture anyone’s heart.

Try to realize that you do not need to go under the knife or fight a bad habit for the sake of attracting someone, who can easily turn around and leave you at any given moment. Be happy with yourself and let life happen the way it wants.

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