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10 commandments of respect for a husband. It is a stark fact that there are many issues between marriage partners and wives in our society today. This article will discuss the top 10 commandments of respect for a husband.

These commandments of respect for a husband have been created to help women in the best way possible, in a general way. They can be used as guidelines or a framework on which one can base their relationships.

In the relationship between husband and wife, there are certain ­components that are often ignored. Each is important for your personal well­-being, stability, and the development of the relationship.

If you love someone, then you must show that love by showing respect to the loved one. This also applies if you have a husband. Husband is your soul mate, partner, and best friend who needs your love and respect all the time.

From the moment a relationship starts, there is always the issue of respect. Respect should be mutual between both sides to achieve maximum happiness for men and women. This is because respect plays a very important role in a relationship. Without it, you cannot expect to have a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Every man wants to be respected by his wife and loved like a king but due to some constraints or the other, it becomes difficult for women to show respect to him. It is indeed a sad affair when a woman does not pay heed to the feelings and emotions of her husband.

No man will respect his wife more because she is fun to be with. However, a woman earns her husband’s respect by knowing and keeping the commandments of respect for a husband. Marriage and family relationships demand great patience and give rise to serious problems. Read more articles: 14 Signs of an unhealthy relationship.

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  • 10 Commandments of respect for a husband
  • What should I do to respect my husband?
  • Why should a wife respect her husband?
  • What does it mean to honor thy husband?
  • How should a good wife treat her husband?
  • How do you make a man feel loved and respected?
  • What are a wife’s duties to her husband?
  • Conclusion

10 Commandments of respect for a husband

Being a good wife is a lot more than just being a good cook and cleaning lady. It’s about being a good partner and friend to your husband. But how can you be a good partner and friend when you’re not even sure what makes up respect?

Respect is one of the most important things in any relationship. If you don’t respect your husband, then he won’t respect you either. And if both of you don’t respect each other, then there’s no way you can have an equal partnership.

So how do we know what respect looks like? How do we know when we’re respecting our husbands or when he wants us to show more respect?

Here are 10 commandments of respect for your husband:

1. Don’t nag, criticize, or complain.

2. Never talk about your husband in front of others.

3. Never discuss your husband’s shortcomings with others.

4. Don’t expect your husband to be perfect.

5. Always support and encourage your husband’s career goals, even if they take him away from you some nights and weekends.

6. Help him maintain his masculine image by keeping the house clean and organized and cooking meals that he likes to eat.

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7. Don’t put pressure on him to be a good provider by getting a job outside the home unless it is necessary for financial reasons.

8. Be sexually available for your husband whenever he wants sex; don’t withhold sex as punishment for something he did wrong or because you’re not in the mood (unless there is a medical reason).

9. Be his most trusted confidant; share with him all things that are on your mind and in your heart, even if it makes him uncomfortable at times (but don’t badmouth others behind their backs!).

10. Never belittle, insult, or speak critically to or about your husband in any way, either behind his back or to others in his presence.

What should I do to respect my husband?

Respect your husband.

Respect is the core of a happy marriage and a key factor in making it last. Respect is something that can be earned, but once it’s earned, it must be maintained. Respect is shown through words and actions.

A wife should show respect for her husband by always speaking to him in a respectful manner. She should never talk down to him or use profanity around him. She should also be careful not to embarrass him in front of others or make fun of him behind his back.

A wife should also try to avoid arguments with her husband when possible because this can lead to hurt feelings and anger between the two of them.

A wife should also show respect for her husband by doing things around the house according to his wishes, as long as these wishes do not go against God’s commands in the Bible.

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This means that if he wants you to clean up after dinner every night, then do it without complaint even though it may be easier for you just to let everything pile up until Saturday so that you have fewer chores on that day instead.

It also means that if he wants you to cook dinner every night instead of ordering take-out pizza like you normally do, then cook dinner even though this is more for you.

After all, if your husband is working hard every day at his job in order to provide for his family, then he deserves some consideration from his wife as well. He does not deserve to come home from work and find that nothing has been done around the house all day long while he was gone!

When your husband comes home from work, it is important that you greet him with a smile on your face and some kind of affectionate gesture (such as a hug or a kiss) so that he knows that he is loved by his wife, even though she may not always be able (or willing) to give him everything he wants.

A simple “hi honey” or “how was your day?” can go a long way towards easing the burdens of his day.

When he is tired and stressed out, it is likely that he will just want to relax and unwind on his own right after work. That’s why it’s important to give him some space when he comes home so that he can remove himself from the stress of the job.

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After all, if you don’t allow him this time to himself, then he will never have an opportunity to relax and reenergize himself before having sex with you later in the evening.

If this happens too many times, eventually both of you will become frustrated with each other because neither one of you is getting what the other needs and wants on a daily basis. Read more:/respecting-your-husband-the-proverbs-31-way

Why should a wife respect her husband?

It is important for a wife to respect her husband. No one else has the same vested interest in her husband that she does. She knows him better than anyone else. A wife’s respect for her husband is crucial to the success of their marriage

Respect is one of the most important elements in any marriage. If a wife does not respect her husband, the marriage will suffer greatly. His authority will be undermined and his leadership questioned.

The wife may begin to drift away from him emotionally, which will make the relationship less intimate than it should be. A wife needs to understand why she needs to respect her husband.

Why should a wife respect her husband?

1. A husband who is respected by his wife will be more productive and more likely to stay at home with his family. This is why it is so important for wives to respect their husbands.

2. A husband who is not respected by his wife can easily become depressed, frustrated, and angry because he has no respect in his own home.

If a husband does not feel respected by his wife, he may begin to look outside of the home for the respect that he is not getting at home. This is another reason why it is so important for wives to respect their husbands.

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3. A wife who respects her husband will be able to influence him in a positive way toward making good decisions regarding finances, family life, and other areas of concern.

If you want your husband to make good decisions as far as running the household goes, you need to show him respect in every area of your life together as well as individually in front of others!

4. A wife who respects her husband will be able to get along with him better than if she did not respect him.

When a husband needs his wife’s help in some area of their lives together, it makes things easier for both when she shows respect to him by listening and helping out without arguing or complaining about what he wants to be done around the house or with the children.

5. A wife who respects her husband will be able to influence him in a positive way toward making good decisions regarding finances, family life, and other areas of concern.

If you want your husband to make good decisions as far as running the household goes, you need to show him respect in every area of your life together as well as individually in front of others!

6. Wives who respect their husbands will enjoy a closer relationship with them than wives who do not. Respect is a two-way street; when you respect your husband, he will return the favor and respect you in return.

This means that each partner should treat one other with kindness, fairness, and consideration for their feelings, needs, and desires. By doing this, both partners will feel closer to one another than ever before!

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7. A wife who respects her husband will not be tempted to have an affair with another man because she knows that he is the head of their marriage, home, and family.

If she has no respect for him and doesn’t think highly of him, then she may start thinking that there are other men out there who are better than him, and she might start looking elsewhere instead of staying faithful!

8. Respect makes a marriage stronger. When a wife respects her husband, this builds up his self-esteem, which he will then use to build up hers. When you have a strong marriage, it is easier for both parties to face whatever challenges may come their way!

9. A wife who respects her husband will have less stress on her shoulders because she knows that he is capable of taking care of things himself without having to ask for help or guidance from her all the time!

In fact, if you respect your husband enough, you may even be able to trust him with some responsibilities that you would normally handle yourself, such as paying bills, managing money, taking care of the children while you go shopping, or something else that needs to be done!

10. A wife who respects her husband will have a happier marriage. This is because when both parties are working together as a team, they can accomplish so much more than they could if they were working against each other.

When there is open communication between husband and wife regarding all things, it makes for a better relationship overall!

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What does it mean to honor thy husband?

A woman’s honor is tied to her husband. She is called to honor him, not only because he deserves it but also because he is her head.

The word “honor” means “to esteem, respect, and value.” So when you honor your husband, you esteem him as God does. You respect and value him as his wife should.

It is a commandment from God that a wife should honor her husband.

Honoring your husband means loving him, respecting him, and doing what he asks you to do. It also means not disobeying him or questioning his decisions.

If you want to honor your husband, then you must be faithful to him. You must not have any affairs outside of the marriage and you must not commit adultery.

If you are unfaithful, then what does it say about your respect for your husband? If you are having affairs outside of your marriage then how can you expect him to trust you with his heart?

Honoring your husband means that you treat him with respect and dignity in the same way that you would want to be treated. You don’t talk about him behind his back or criticize him in front of others. You don’t try to control him or manipulate him by withholding sex until he gives in to your wishes.

It also means that you do not seek revenge against him when he fails to meet your expectations, but rather you forgive him, trust him and work through problems together as a team.

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As a wife, you need to honor your husband by supporting him in all his endeavors. This means that no matter what he does for a living or how much money he makes, you support his choices. If he chooses to pursue an education or start a business, you support him 100 percent.

If he chooses to go back to school or change jobs because of the economy, you support him 100 percent. If he wants to quit his job and stay at home with the kids while they are young, you support him 100 percent.

You also need to respect your husband’s opinions and ideas, even if they differ from yours. You must remember that marriage is about compromise and teamwork, not “my way or the highway.”

How should a good wife treat her husband?

A good wife is a woman who treats her husband in the most loving and caring way. She knows how important her husband is to her, and she makes sure that he feels loved, appreciated, and respected every single day. A good wife makes sure that she puts her husband before herself.

A good wife also makes sure that she does everything for her husband with love and respect. She does not expect anything in return for doing something nice for him, but rather does it because she wants to show him how much she cares about him.

Another thing that makes a good wife is that she respects her husband’s opinions and ideas on different matters. She listens to what he has to say without arguing or disagreeing with him all of the time. She also trusts him enough to let him make decisions on his own without interfering all of the time.

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A good wife never brings up past mistakes or arguments when they are having an argument with each other either because she doesn’t want to start another fight or because she understands that we all make mistakes sometimes and we shouldn’t hold them against each other forever because of them (unless they were very serious offenses).

A good wife is a treasure to her husband. She makes his life pleasant and happy. She is gentle and kind, obedient and faithful, and always ready to help him in all things. She honors and respects him as the head of the family and she submits to him willingly as a loving wife should do.

A good wife does not nag or complain about everything that goes wrong in their home or about how much hard work she has to do. A good wife does not expect her husband to be perfect but accepts his weaknesses with love and understanding.

She is not afraid of hard work; she sees it as an opportunity to help her husband and children get along better together.

A good wife must be a lover of orderliness; she keeps everything in its place so that her home may be a pleasant place for all who enter it.

She keeps herself neat, clean, healthy, and attractive so that when her husband comes home from work he will find comfort at once instead of having to spend time caring for himself first.

A good wife knows that she is not her husband’s meal ticket. She also realizes that he is not her boss.

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A good wife knows how to be a good companion to her husband and how to be a good mother to their children. She knows how to be loving and patient, and how to respect him as a person who deserves the same respect she gives herself.

A good wife does not allow herself to become so wrapped up in her own life that she forgets about her husband and family. She does not spend all of her time on Facebook or playing computer games. She does not spend all day watching television or playing video games, either.

A good wife understands that God has given her the responsibility of being a wife, as well as a mother, but she also knows that God expects more than just childcare from her when it comes to raising their children with Biblical values and principles. Read more: honor_your_husband

How do you make a man feel loved and respected?

You can’t make a man feel anything, but you can be the kind of woman who makes him feel like he’s the most important person in the world. You can be the kind of woman who gives him a reason to want to be with you.

Men need love and respect for their wives as much as women do for their husbands. Men are more likely to give up on a relationship when they don’t feel loved or respected by their wives.

If you want your husband to feel loved and respected, here are some ways that you can show him:

1. Respect his decisions and opinions, even if you disagree with them, and treat him as an equal in your marriage instead of trying to control everything.

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2. Tell him how much he means to you and why he’s special to you, especially when he least expects it so that it comes from the heart instead of being forced out because it’s what he wants to hear or what he deserves after doing something nice for you (because no one deserves anything just because they did something nice).

3. Make sure that you’re always willing to listen when he wants to talk about something important to him or something that is bothering him, even if it seems like nothing important is going on at first.

When a man feels like he can’t talk openly with his partner, it makes him feel like he can’t be himself, which causes him to pull away from her. If you want to make your man feel loved, then you need to be willing to listen when he wants to talk about things that are important to him.

4. Ask for his opinion on things. Men love being asked for their opinions and advice because this makes them feel needed, respected and valued by their partners.

When you ask for his opinion on things, let him know that you really value what he has to say so that he will open up more freely with you in the future if he feels like what he has to say matters to you!

5. Make sure that you’re always willing to go out together as a couple, no matter how busy life gets around the house or at work or school with homework assignments, etc.

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Men need their wives/girlfriends just as much as they need them physically; they also need them emotionally too! Men crave emotional intimacy just as much as women do.

6. Always strive to be a good listener, without interrupting him when he has something important to say.

7. Don’t complain about his friends, family members, or co-workers in front of him (or vice versa).

8. Don’t take his kindness for granted; thank him for it often and show that you appreciate it by returning the favor with similar acts of kindness toward him (and others).

9. Don’t let your relationship become just about sex; there should be more than just physical attraction between you (i.e., emotional connection, common interests).

10. Try not to talk about past relationships, especially if it’s something negative that happened with other men who have treated you poorly.

What are a wife’s duties to her husband?

A wife’s duties are many and varied. They include, but are not limited to:

1. A wife is expected to obey her husband and be submissive to him.

2. A wife needs to be loyal, faithful, and supportive of her husband’s decisions.

3. A wife should not nag or complain about her husband’s faults, but instead, try to help him resolve them.

4. A wife should not withhold sex from her husband unless there is a valid reason for doing so (such as illness or a lack of desire).

5. A wife should not make unreasonable demands on her husband, such as expecting him to drop everything at a moment’s notice if she needs something done right away or if she simply wants his attention when he is busy with other things.

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6. A wife should not place restrictions on her husband’s freedom without good reason (such as forbidding him from going on business trips or socializing with friends).

7. To be his helpmate

8. To love and respect him

9. To bear children for him

10. To manage the household wisely and well

11. To be obedient to him in all things lawful

12. Not to waste his substance (money) or spend it foolishly.

13. To keep herself chaste, both physically and spiritually, and faithful to him at all times.


There isn’t any room for arguing about whether to have respect in a marriage or not. You must have respect for your spouse and utilize the Ten Commandments of Being Respectful to Your Spouse as a summary of your duties as a husband towards your wife and as a wife towards your husband.

Being respectful is not just about what you say, but also what you do. Be considerate of other people’s feelings. Pay attention to your actions and their consequences. You should respect yourself and this will create a positive attitude that can be reflected in all areas of your life.

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